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My Awesome Cafe @ Telok Ayer

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My Awesome Cafe, what a name I silently mused when the social media lapped it up so readily. More than just an audacious move when food is firstly very subjective and placing yourself up so high on the radar for criticism with a self praise is suicidal if the experience falls short.

So I approached the cafe with apprehension.

Lunch was packed and thankfully the very jovial and helpful waiting staff ensured we got to our table soonish, which involved getting another table to shift.

"Thank you so much." I managed.

"Well you should thank them! They moved tables for you guys." The man I suppose is the boss chimed. Humour, is the best medicine to all situations. I cannot agree more.

With that, our lunch started on a light hearted note.

The interior of the ex-hospital premises is a nostalgic chic, every corner is in true cafe style very photogenic and I possibly look the least photogenic in my work attire haplessly thrown on in the morning whilst dashing out of the house.

Even the drink corner looks good, how can that be!

The menu is impossibly cute, I figure the team behind the ang moh boss is localised.

My Awesome Salad ($16)
Smoked Salmon, Herbs Chicken Breast, Duck Rilletes, Avocado, Tomato

The humongous plate arrived and all I could say was "I asked for it." A bed of greens with a pile of proteins, this would satisfy a carnivore more than a herbivore. Hearty is the least I can say of this very gratifying plate of graze.

That slice of toast topped with pesto sauce was quite the mamma mia to the meal as well. Awesome I wanted, awesome I got.

Green Curry Chicken and Bread ($16)

A sweet based green curry chicken that made the bread the most extraordinary in this dish.

Chicken Lasagna, Bread and Salad Leaves ($17)

On the messy side, this was a mushy take on the classic Italian favourite though the seasoning was right.

I say stick to their extraordinary salads for the awesome experience, Pantler is just around the corner if you need a sweet nibble. The sweets on display look hardly enticing.

My Awesome Cafe
202 Telok Ayer Street

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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