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Flavours @ Zhongshan Park Hotel

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Flavours at Zhong Shan Park Hotel has launched a "Superstar Zichar Semi Buffet" only available on Fridays and Saturdays for Dinner.

The semi buffet spread was not extensive, in fact, it was about 4 tables worth. 


The salad corner that included one for DIY rojak.


Beer marinated suckling pig that was half as impressive as the real deal - having to chop it all up leaving the head makes this less appetizing somehow.


This proved to be my favourite corner of the night. There was a full section on mains which were not captured here.


The section that always gets me very excited!

As part of this Semi Buffet, we get to pick our main courses from a separate menu. First the choice of protein gets chosen and then the sauce that will accompany it.


Signature Twist of Flavours Amuse Bouche
Crispy Beer Marinated Pork Belly, Deep Fried Scallop Tofu with Seaweed Salad, Baked Miso Cod


There was no other option for this. My main grouse is the platter was served lukewarm. Of the trio, I preferred the miso cod best and pork belly least.


Crispy seared cod chunks with a delectable glaze.


Black Bean and Pepper Beef


Butter Cereal Prawn

The only dish that would make the cut for zichar quality. This cereal prawn was so good, I ate it whole!


Chilli Bean Paste Chicken


Fried Rice with "Stoccafisso" Salted Cod

Of all the dishes that arrived in these claypots, I enjoyed the fried rice most. It was served piping hot, executed the closest to the ones I find at zichar stalls.


Sambal Baby Zucchini

An asian take on a western vegetable, loves!


Flavours Signature Sauce Fish

The zichar dishes featured in the ala carte menu were decent with some hits and misses. Most of them arrived lukewarm except for the fried rice. 

Moving onto the buffet line dishes...


Spicy and Sour Soup

Self seasoning is required for this, maybe they should not label it as a spicy and sour soup since it was neither.


Imagine a buffet that came with appetizers too!


The cold cuts section was pathetically limited, just salmon and shelled fish.


The salad section comprised of a DIY corner and premade salads that included this thai papaya salad.


A random salad put together with salad leaves and bacon bits.


My favourite station of all time, rojak that came with dried squid too! The basic toaster provided much relief when we needed to toast some ingredients.


Local delights comprised of a peranakan range that included ayam buah keluak, kueh pie tee and beef rendang.


The dessert spread was actually rather limited to and what is seen here basically is a repeat throughout the table. I found the lemon jelly the best actually, slurping down up to 4 shots in a single seating.


Carrot cake and chocolate cake were the only types of sliced caked available.


Bubur cha cha, a hardly seen dessert option at the buffet table.

With the ongoing credit promotions, I do not think this buffet priced at $48++ is worth the while. There are better options in more accessible places.

Zhong Shan Park Hotel

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