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Buttero Revisited @ Tras Street

Special thanks to Samantha for the invite and Chef Antonio for his amazing hospitality!

Buttero has a new Executive Chef Antonio Massagli. A born-and-raised Buttero (or Tuscan Cowboy) himself, Antonio presents heartwarming Italian comfort food inspired by childhood dishes he enjoyed growing up in the Tuscan countryside. 

Since my trip to Italy, I have been on the look out for a restaurant that would bring back memories. 


While the outlook has not changed, there were a number of tweaks made to the menu. Classics like the pulled pork waffle fries and fried chicken are still available.


Apple, Pear Mojito


Ladies night specials, great for hanging out with the girls.


Carpaccio, Beef, Mixed Salad, Parmesan and Lemon Dressing ($17)

Instead of the usual thin slices, Buttero's version comes with thick sinewy slices, drizzled with truffle paste and on a bed of arugula and rocket leaves. Very tasty and has enough oomph in the beef.


Burrata Cheese ($23)
Roasted Cherry Tomatoes, Salad and Truffle Oil 

I love cheese and burrata cheese is one of those that ranks high.


A slice into the bulb releases a sensory delight - oozing cream that flows like lava, a slight prod would cause it to quiver and wobble. I have eaten burrata cheese fresh from a market in Rome and this was so close to it. The truffle paste did elevate the experience a couple of notches up, this is one burrata cheese not to be missed.


Crespelle Alla Fiorentina
Gratinated Ricotta and Spinach Crepes, Bechamel and Pecorino


Straight off their value for money lunch menu, this is a savoury crepe filled with spinach, ricotta and a secret weapon called raisins. It could pass off as a lasagne dish with similar ingredients, except this was vegetarian and a very well executed dish.


Diavola Pizza ($20)
Pepperoni, Tomato Sauce, Parmesan and Chilli


Chef Antonio had a previous stint at Prego and during its hey days I remember a particular Sunday Italian Brunch that I enjoyed tremendously for its freeflow fire baked pizzas.

Diablo brought back those days, doughy pizzas with a simple topping of cheese, pepperoni and chillis. Nothing fancy but one pizza straight from the heart.


Fiorentina ($98)
700g Beef T-Bone Steak with Potatoes and Vegetables of the Day

Great for sharing between 2-3 people, this 700grams is one heavyweight and a sight to behold when served.


The four sides that came with it comprised of a refreshing salad.


Grilled olives, long beans and peppers.


The mushroom sauce was the best with beef.


Save some space for these roasted potatoes.


Last but not least presenting the to die for 700 grams. Tender and exceptionally meaty with a perfect char, I was teleported back in time to that quaint hole in wall steak place in Florence. Close enough to that amazing graze I had.


Panna Cotta

I am usually averse to desserts served in pots and took to this panna cotta quite gingerly.


Chopped strawberries, a generous helping of balsamic vinegar and a pot full of panna cotta. This left me deliriously happy, one seriously good panna cotta with the right bounce and copious amount of ingredients.

This visit left me yearning for a revist soon enough, lunch and ladies night are enticing!

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