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The Landing Point @ Fullerton Bay Hotel

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High Tea in Singapore is slowly becoming like Hongkong, overly subscribed with an underwhelming experience. Perhaps this results in a lacklustre high tea scape - think high prices and substandard food. The Landing Point was featured as the right place to be seen with a cuppa and nibbling on morsels - so much so that in 2013, I was told it had a waiting list of at least a month. I gave up trying and finally got a table 2 years later.

If time bore any testament, this had to be darn bloody good to still be around with a minimum two week reservation time needed.


On top of the three tiers that they serve, freshly baked scones are passed round just once, teas are free flow and so are the morsels. Fact is, I did not try to beat the system and eat to my heart's content - high tea, is afterall supposed to be leisurely.


Scones with lemon butter and fruit preserve, a high tea staple. The scone was a tad dry though.


A glass of Brut champagne did high tea alot merrier.


Three tiers in its full glory. The great thing with refills is I do not get overly sick of the sugary treats which is the case, normally.


Chocolate was the main ingredient for an entire layer, either love or hate it but we all fell in the love category.


Bite sized sandwiches all laid out in a row, it does look a tad crowded no? My favourites include a truffled egg mayo open faced toast, smoked salmon and the proscuitto ham bagel.


My favouritest layer of the three layers with nearly everything worth seconds.The lemon tart was a creamy tangy delight - crust was great and so was the curd.


While lobster rolls may all be in fashion now, it was not too far away that lobster cones were the things to look out for. Small as they can be, these crunchy bites were actually good enough for constant popping into the mouth!


May I introduce a crowd favourite? A chocolate creme brulee tart with sugary edges. Loved the smooth consistency of the custard and the bittersweetness of the chocolate tart.


Kueh lapis that caught me by surprise, how moist and fragrant it was - considering how Fullerton's had failed me big time, Fullerton Bay did redeem itself.


These bronzed beauties are perfumed with bananas, excellent tea time treats.


Macarons that appeared just once during refill and never again. I would say these were worth a pass.


And the surprise arrived after the pianist finished tingling a birthday tune - a yummy chocolate feuilletine cake on the house with a perfectly transcripted message too. 

The afternoon went by so fast and was definitely an enjoyable one. My curiosity was satisfied and I do want to return! By the way, this happens to be another of my favourite hotels - photogenic surroundings that makes every corner look good.

$45++ for high tea, $65++ with a glass of sparking wine

The Landing Point
Fullerton Bay Hotel

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