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Tea Lounge @ Regent Hotel

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I am not sure when that I caught the high tea bug and tried to book Tea Lounge more than once but canned the idea completely because of unavailability. The high tea fever has not ceased though - there are still two seatings for a Saturday High Tea with exactly the same spread. But I suppose with two sessions, it keeps more diners happy.

I popped by over Christmas and was wowed by the spread but this time round, it seemed a tad more limited. Maybe Christmas does have its extra perks afterall. 


The spread that greets at the foyer is actually a display of their sweets. Brilliant tactic to tempt the ladies methinks.


Savoury bites.


Love the colours of this asian corner!


Pot of roast anyone?


Golden pillows.


These had me at hello, way back. Colours of a rainbow.


Layered cakes always make me happy.


Toadstool puffs!


Before the pig out started, I was actually enamored by these napkins with pretty prints.


Fresh off the DIY corner - I piled on the wasabi fish roe, seared tuna cubes and lettuce leaves for my very own salad.


Buttery pastries of mushroom chicken and tuna were also available, these tasted very store bought somehow.


A man's version of a deconstructed biscuit sandwich with copious amounts of roe because it was well worth the space.


My seemingly more manageable portions with salmon mousse and egg. The humble cream cracker suddenly became a luxurious treat with a ton of premium ingredients piled on - made me rethink using it at home as an appetizer!


Finger sandwiches that were finger licking good! The variety was enough to keep me going for seconds to try them all and even with the simplest of ingredients, they made it taste so good. I would not say the same of the sushi counter though - cold and stiff pieces.


Squid ink bun with mushrooms - looking totally right out of botanical gardens but I loved the bun's texture.


If sandwiches with fillings bore you, there is freshly baked bread and pates to pique the interest. I had mind lathered generously with pate, duck riclette and cream cheese.


Savoury sides served in mini dishes made high tea even better! Crystal prawns that were served fresh, tasting just like ebi sashimi and a tuna appetizer that actually paled in comparison to the prawn.


The quiches are made with a buttery crust and a wobbly egg custard layer studded with ham and cheese. By far, the favouritest quiche of all time. The rest tend to be dense.


Roast beef on the wagon with grilled asparagus, root vegetables and natural jus. Did the plating on a whim and thought it was pretty fine looking! I could have just sat there and consumed at least four plates of this yummy cut - loved the juices and meaty taste.


These yorkshire puddings go great with the roast beef as well.


Adding some Singaporean flair to the meal, they even made their own bak kwa too! Very decent effort I'd say.


Laksa that made us drool and lust for seconds and even thirds. I loved the portions even, it did not make me feel sinful or guilty tucking into more than one bowl and the amount of ingredients given were just right to enjoy it just the way it is - spicy, coconutty and swamped with flavour!


Chilli Crab with Mantous was yet another worthy effort albeit a tad sweet.


The fried items were not a hit for obvious reasons, this yam croquette had a batter too thick. I was being a stickler trying to find fault with this awesome buffet - how can every single item be so outstanding? And there I found my answer in the pies and this yam croquette.


Macarons in rainbow colours and come in flavours that not only sound delicious but taste sooooo good. I wish I can stop gushing about how amazingly good their macarons taste - Singapore's best I say, if only Pierre Herme never comes. For their full range, drop by Dolcetto!


The red velvet cake was a disappointment somehow, layers a tad dry and looking very artificial. Rainbow cake in comparison was alot fluffier and pretty!


French crepes with a side of nutella - major major major swoon moment. With all the sugar rush that I had, I only wish I had more stomach space.


With the husband pleading with me to stop the pig out, I headed for more...waffles this time. Freshly made on the spot.


Crispy at the edges and spongey within, perfect with a scoop of homemade icecream.

Like their sandwiches that come in so many variations, so did their dessert plates.


Financier topped with blueberry cream.


Hazelnut feulettine, loved everything about this square of crunchy and sweet.


I would not call this a lemon tart mainly because its too tiny to be called one. Lemon drop? One bite that packs a tangy finish - I say it's yums.


Almost like a snickers bar with the fudgy fillings, on intoxicatingly addictive one.


The strangest and if not the oddest choice of dessert in an array of sweets - a very comforting and delightful cheng tng. And there, my last resort at trying to find something bad and failed quite miserably.

Hands down best high tea buffet in Singapore. For those who have yet to dine at any of the food and beverage establishments in Regent, this is a good showcase of what they can offer. Some high tea buffets take portions of the breakfast and lunch buffet to serve but theirs is completely different from the breakfast and Basilico though elements of their Adults only Alcohol Brunch from Manhattan and Dolcetto by Basilico does appear.

One meal to attempt most restaurants, why not? And did I mention the pianist does decent tunes too?

$61++ per pax. Reservations are a must.

Tea Lounge
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