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Staycation @ Regent Hotel

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I was back at Regent to relive the wedding day again - at least for the wedding suite part. The great thing about being a Regent Bride is, they do have an anniversary stay as part of the wedding perks! We totally did not get to enjoy the hotel properly throughout our 2 night stay previously - it was all about dashing back and forth, returning gowns and settling the angpow box when the big day was officially over.


We were allocated the same category of room, one floor up.


The cascading installation that looks very different storeys up.


Welcome to the suite, a two bedroom space complete with a super king sized bed, two toilets and two balconies!


Unlike Fairmont that has a pillow menu, theirs were mostly filled with down.


With love, from the hotel. The fondant covered chocolate cake was incredibly moist and chocolatey! We also had a similar cake on our wedding night - which had alot more customization, better than none at all methinks!


The large toilet that I could have a tea party in - well just for two - and comes with L'Occitane toiletries which I am a huge fan of.


Last but not least, my favourite cushy bedroom slippers!


This time round, I made sure we utilized their facilties. The pool was not very inviting however, come sun down it was filled with shrieking kids.


I was looking forward to the "whirlpool" as publicized on the website which turned out to be a prelude to sauna. A jacuzzi without any of those water jets beneath, in short just a warm pool.


They even made sure guests were well hydrated with water dispensers located just nearby.

I wish I packed my sports shoes along to try out their fitness machines, maybe next time! In every visit, I look forward to breakfast at Basilico most.


Gerberas seem to be the flower for this wedding anniversary since the Husband gifted me a bouquet of these for a colourful year ahead.


Japanese at breakfast always intrigues me. While neither were extraordinary, I thought they made my breakfast alot more colourful.


Indian cuisine was also part of the selection with a hearty lentil stew, yogurt dips and a bun that had a crumbly floury texture just like kueh tutu.


Moving onto the western favourites, there was a full spread of grilled items.


I found favour in these mini bagels that I first encountered at Manhattan Bar's Sunday Brunch. There were only sesame bagels available.


Smothered with cream cheese and topped with smoked salmon and cheese is my idea of a delicious treat.


Last year I raved about their fish ball noodles, this year they had fried fish kuay teow! The broth is very tasty and fried fish fillets were very competent considering it is part of a hotel buffet spread. Once again, sold on their noodle dishes.


The all american grub.


Potato balls were too thick on batter.


I cannot believe we sat through the breakfast buffet for more than an hour and still did not manage to finish trying all the items. And grief is me when they came by to announce that the buffet line was closing in 10 minutes. All I could manage were a plate of sweets comprising of my favourite fresh figs, donuts and blueberry muffin.

The range seemed alot smaller than before but the quality was still there. With breakfast and dinner attempted at Basilico, I look forward to my lunch date there!

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