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Spruce Revisited @ Phoenix Park


Spruce was once THE brunch place of the year and they had on more than one occasion robbed my heart with a ultra luscious purple velvet cake which most unfortunately has been removed from the menu. Having done dinner twice, brunch was the next menu to conquer.

Phoenix Park is now home to Spruce, a training academy and Bouefe.


Mint Lemonade

It has to be me and lemonades that go so well at brunch. The tangy punch does whet the appetite greatly.


Latte ($6)


Mocha ($6)

I have to give credit to the understanding staff for replacing this cup of mocha that was replaced when it was spilt almost immediately after the photo was taken. No questions asked, the mark of good service methinks.


Crabcake Benny ($25)
Poached Egg, Corn Waffle, Back Bacon, Hollandaise Sauce

I have had eggs benny and crab cakes separately and certainly not together. No surprises how they were meant to be, eggs benny redefined for 2015 I would say. At some point, poached eggs with hollandaise is almost an overkill brunch item so much so I would not even call it a staple. Wonderfully executed with the hollandaise nailing the tangy and sour notes pleasantly.


Spruce Signature Prawn Pasta ($22)
Zucchini, Spinach, Garlic Cream

If pasta has to be on the brunch menu, it jolly well be as awesomely done as this - light on the palette and filling me up considerably. I loved how Spruce has decided to take the road less travelled with spinach and cream instead of an overly cloying carbonara and oh-too-common bolognese.


Spruce Signature Burger ($18)

I may have cried foul previously for the removal of the blue cheese burger - sometimes, changes are necessary.  Glad to see that they retained some of their signatures, at least there is a benchmark to gauge their improvements.


LOVE them thick cut chips with that sprinkle of paprika powder.


Consistently like the overpriced Big Macs I once said years back. Pricey as it is, I still have issues grappling with the fact it tastes just like Mcdees eyes closed and they are charging the price of 4 big macs for it.


Banana Hotcakes ($14)
Honey Butter, Blueberry Syrup


A sublime version of pancakes with an ingenious pairing of blueberries, bananas and lemon curd. In between all of that, I found heaven.

Spruce is not passe, infact amongst the crazy mushrooming of cafes old is gold.

Phoenix Park

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