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Li Va Seafood Restaurant @ Chew Jetty, Penang

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As I mentioned before, the Chef from Overeasy got us all excited about the restaurant under a big tree near Chew Jetty. Turns out every other restaurant was under a big tree.


All near Chew Jetty.


We found yet another place that seemed to match the description of tze char and under a tree a stone's throw away from Chew Jetty.

Menu was simple with most of them printed on a huge board and they came in standard sizes.


Seasonal Greens



We ordered it simply for its name, loosely translated as strange taste prawns. Made with a mix that resembled sweet and spicy prawns, these were actually quite fresh.


Sweet and Sour Pork

An excellently done sweet and sour pork with a lovely tangy finish with each glistened slice.

Hearty homey fare under one big tree. Worth a visit for incredibly cheap zi char. Prices range from SGD 5-10 for most of their dishes.

You heard me, it's under a tree.

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