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Grand Pavilion Revisited @ Esplanade

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Thanks to Groupon, Grand Pavilion has been the favoured place of the family. I shall not into details about the decor about the place or its accessibility since I have already featured it before. In each visit, we try to order as many new dishes as possible (secretly, there is hope that we complete trying its full menu with the vouchers we had). 


Suckling Pig ($108)

Advance orders are a must for this, at least a day.


Served ala peking duck style complete with pancakes, chives and sweet sauce.


The skin was so crispy, there is no battle between the hog and duck when it comes to heavenly bites. The layer is coated with enough fats to make this a crunchy joyous affair. Thankfully, the pig has enough crispy skin to go round, otherwise just tuck into their meaty pieces.


Steamed Fish

I have my reservations about fish slices at chinese dinners as most of which are hardly fresh and tend to be fishy. It was the case with this, a tad stale without much seasoning.


Soya Sauce Chicken

Braised in soya, the chicken was tender and flavoured just right for a bowl of rice to go really nicely with it. 


Claypot Brinjal

By now, I am convinced that they do their hotpot dishes very well. This was served with the brinjal slices brimming with oil and stir fried in enough minced meat for this to be a hearty choice.

With the numerous dinners that we have had there, lunch was the most natural meal to attempt at Grand Pavilion. Given its location, it is less crowded over lunch. The menu was also completely different, focusing more on dimsum. 

Yam Cake

Ever since my attempt on rosti, I have found an immense new respect for chefs who do rostis and vegetable cake equivalents so well. This, was one of those delightful table treats that I cannot stop eating. Loved the crispy yam edges and doughy kueh within.


Pan Fried Radish Cake with Preserved Meat ($4.80)

Another of those pan fried radish cakes that makes my dimsum lunch complete. 


Deep Fried Beancurd Skin Roll ($4.80)

Of all the fried dimsum items, I find this the most irresistible - especially with the dab of vinegar!


Grand Pavilion Prawn Dumpling ($5.80)


Steamed Siew Mai Topped Tobiko ($5.80)


Charcoal Roasted Pork ($9.80)

Their version of siew yoke is caramelized till charred with a mild hint of ginger, very tasty and a refreshing change from the usual.


Shanghainese "Xiao Long Bao" ($4.80)


Prawn Dumpling Noodle Soup ($8.80)

Unassuming bowl of noodle soup that had a chewy fish paste noodle that made it far from ordinary.


Steamed Bun with Egg Yolk ($4.80)

No prizes for guessing what this is, at first glance.


And as with all molten custard pau shots, I sacrifice the first bite for the camera.


Thick golden liquid greets me, rich and gritty just the way it should be with a thicker than usual pau skin but I am certainly not complaining. Now, the question is how do I claim ownership of the rest in the basket.


Baked Mini Egg Tart ($4.80)

The greatest egg tart joke of all time when they arrived looking uneven and overbaked. Having waited so long for this, I would have returned this to the kitchen was I not rushing for time. Nothing went right for this.

50% off vouchers are given for our next visits, which will definitely come in handy as we are planning more visits back.

Grand Pavilion

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