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Chulia Mansion @ Georgetown

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I have never step foot on Penang before and for first timers, I would recommend staying in Georgetown - an area that is easily accessible to most of the tourist attractions.

Chulia Mansion was reasonably new, right smack in the middle of Georgetown and if it helps, it is just right opposite Yeng Keng Hotel. 


The walls were adorned with paintings like these, very thought provoking and colourful pieces.


Booked a double room and it was spacious! The bed was comfy too.


The toilet was adequately sized with an industrial finishing.

The great thing about Chulia Mansion is, guests are well fed throughout the day. Breakfast is provided till 10am, tea break starts after 12 till 5 and we are given drink coupons to utilise by night!


A very limited yet adequate breakfast spread! There were a few penang specials that I tried to tick them off my list and they were surprisingly very good too!


A local version of min jiang kueh, while I had a more authentic version streets away from the hotel this version was competent too. Filled with corn and red beans with two slices of spongey pancake.


Also famous in Penang is the Indian cuisine. Roti Canai is pretty much like our roti prata.


Tea time beckons with kuehs, cereal and fried fritters.


Comes with a coffeemachine if a mid day perk me up is needed.


Free icecream to beat the scorching mid day sun!


A very charming attic floor greeted us, complete with fairy lights.


White wine on the house.


The bowl of muruku was crazy addictive, I could have snacked all night away had it not been for the wind drafts that made it slightly chilly.


The view of Penang's streets, I love the whole shophouse vibe about Georgetown.


The hotel's signage illuminated.

The day and night view of their latest street mural, done on the walls of the Mansion by a Polish Painter.

Our stay was comfortable though the walls were not well cushioned to block off noise. Loved the location and warmth of the staff.

Chulia Mansion
 Lebuh Chulia, 10200 Pulau Pinang

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