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TAO Seafood Asia @ Asia Square

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Special thanks to Nicole and TAO Seafood Asia for the hospitality!

With the Year of the Goat creeping up, the feasts to welcome this new year have been fast and furious. I still thank my lucky stars that I need not entertain in the essence of work and gorge myself silly over consecutive days of CNY feasting.

TAO Seafood Asia joins the bandwagon offering celebratory feasts during the upcoming festive period and I had the privilege to taste a number of their auspicious dishes. What sets them apart is the Thai influences they have in their dishes, while they are still chinese dishes but the thai twist does make it same same but different in a good way!


Lemongrass with Rock Sugar

There was a hint of chestnut in this soothing welcome drink.


Crispy Fish Skin with Salted Egg Sauce

I fell prey to this small dish of crackers laced with the irresistible salted egg sauce, if only they sold this during CNY it would be an addictive hit.


My favourite golden crackers.


Gold ingots, indeed.


TAO Supreme Prosperity Yusheng


Instead of the seemingly pedestrian salmon yusheng, TAO Seafood Asia presents a luxurious version with abalone. Fruits are also added in their bid to make this sinful dish healthier. And we toss our way to prosperity, health and success!


House of Golden Riches Yaowarat Pen Cai

This has to be the first Pen Cai eaten in a restaurant though history has it that this is a dish that the villagers back in China eat for days, layer by layer starting with the most premium ingredients on top. Minor tweaks are done to this classic dish with mustard used instead of cabbage to give the dish a crunch and a more wholesome taste with the bitterness of the mustard.

While this tasted just like the other classic dish of Black Moss, Dried Oysters and Mushrooms, it was great fun tucking into a pot that was more than enough for 10. 


Abundance of Wealth Golden Soon Hock with Mango Slices

The whole soon hock was deep fried to such crispiness, the mango slices and thai chilli sauce made me belly happy. I loved how the thai touches made this easy on the stomach given how heavy tasting the other dishes are.


Lap of Luxury Sauteed Prawns with Macadamia Nuts

Possibly the least complicated of the dishes tried, a delicious stir fry made complete with very fresh prawns without the usual bicarbonate resulting in artificially crunchy crystal prawns. 


Continuous Successes TAO Thai Curry Crab

Indulge in a non spicy thai curry crab dish served with golden fried mantous. Tasting reminiscent of otah paste, the crabs were so fresh and terribly sweet.The amount of roe available in both shells were enough to send my cholesterol levels rocketing to suicidal levels but this is one dish not to be missed during CNY.


Glutinous Rice Cakes

I am thankful TAO Seafood Asia has reinterpreted a number of dishes including this, coated with coconut flakes this glutinous rice cake was not cloyingly sweet but a well

Set menus for 10 pax start at $938++.


I had a bottle of green chilli to take home too - amazingly fiery stuff which pretty much goes with nearly anything.

TAO Seafood Asia
Asia Square

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