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Royal Pavilion @ Park Regis

Special thanks to Hui Fen for the invite!


Royal Pavilion like most other Chinese restaurants in Singapore have names so similar, it is easy to mistake it for Grand Pavilion at Esplanade, Summer Pavilion at Four Seasons, Royal China at Raffles Hotel or even Paradise Pavilion all over Singapore.

Located in Park Regis, its grand decor already stands out. Choose between private rooms or under a gorgeous chandelier to enhance the experience.


Pickled guava that was certainly a refreshing change from the usual. The tartness of the fruit went well with tomatoes.


Royal Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng

At first glance, the olive eyes of the fish made it resemble more of a panda. The yusheng whilst least photogenic of those attempted, was sweet and had a crunchy finish.

Nobody would resist extra luck in the year ahead, yes?


Royal Fried Lamb Shank

Instead of the usual Peking Duck, they serve up a mean version with lamb shank.


Wrapped with a delectable popiah skin and topped with cucumber, onions and a sliver of lamb shank. I found it a tad dry but the combination is indeed different.


X.O. Carrot Cake

Wok fried, these carrot cake cubes were coated with a crispy egg batter and best consumed with a dollop of their signature X.O. sauce served on the table.


Braised 4 Head South African Abalone in Superior Pumpkin Broth

The East meets West elements were well presented in a luxurious 4 head abalone sitting royally on its throne of tofu, spinach and heart warming pumpkin broth.


Royal Smoked Duck

The moment this was presented, the cameras were swiped out snapping away at the beautiful art piece. Served like a duck spreading its wings to fly - not that they can in real life - but the art form was too beautiful to ignore.

I loved the smokey hints, tender meat and meat fat ratio. Eaten great on its own without extra seasoning.


Wok Fried Glutinous Rice with Waxed Meat

Hardly do I rave about glutinous rice dishes because texturally it is mostly mushy with waxed meat embedded. This was a technically challenging dish as the Chef shared how he cooked this raw, one hand stirring in water and the other frying it.

Utmost respect for the effort that was reflected this well executed dish, grains were fluffy and flavours were subdued and very comforting.


Deep Fried Three Layer Glutinous Rice Cake

Yet another thoughtful dish, layered with sweet potato, yam and pumpkin with glutinous rice cake, the dessert was mildly sweet and displayed all of sticky, chewy and soft textures all in a single bite.

Royal Pavilion did impress on a number of dishes and for sure, I would be back for more of their dishes! At least for a start, their range of dishes this Chinese New Year are not your usual festive fare.

Royal Pavilion
Park Regis

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