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Ristorante Takada @ Alexandra Road

The story behind Ristorante Takada goes, chef was once from Arossa Grill, wowed us enough during Restaurant Week for a proper visit which disappointed big time and we randomly flipped a magazine advertising Takada and a reservation was made.


Bruschetta topped with tomatoes and served with aged cheese and salami, it was an alright start nothing too fancy.


Mushroom Cappucino

A weak attempt on the usual earthy and rich amuse bouche. The hints were fairly light and for a split second, we were hoping the meal did not go down any further from here.


The sommelier recommended this sweet moscato to pair and I actually liked it more than the usual D'Asti. Bubbles for a special occasion is always necessary.


A bread basket that tasted right off a neighbourhood bakery, crusty and packed a hollow bite. These were refilled generously though.

There were just 2 menus for the night and we had both to compare.


Burrata Cheese, Parma Ham Tomato

Scicilian tomtoes and burrata cheese were the basis of this appetizer and being a huge fan of them meant I was already a fan before tasting it. The lovely milky notes made this ultra memorable.


Shirako Bagna Cauda

The cod sperm had me at hello, except this was fried till it resembled a cauliflower tempura. Ratatouille and the fried foamy creation was a lovely contrast and definitely very exotic on the palette. I have had them both - freshly raw and fried, but have yet to find an allegiance to both ways of treating it.


Octopus Grill Caponata

The more subdued version that included grilled octopus, the chargrilled flavours were delightful.


Not forgetting the tiny squid that laid chilling on the other side of the presentation - eyeballs and innards were a crunchy delight. I cannot quite imagine that anchovies and this were similar; best eaten whole and complete.


Tagliorini Cold Carbonara Hokkaido Sea Urchin

Cold angel hair pasta had been the modern day interpretation of pasta for the longest time with variants like truffle oil, shaved truffles and the likes. Until a carbonara version emerged from the kitchens of Chef Takada which turned the tables on nearly every one. Milk served cold reveals more of its origins through the sweet base but served with cream and a pasta so thin, it became a dish so excellent - I wish all pasta were served cold. Incorporating uni with this topped the amazement by several notches - sold on carbornara at all places and at a Japanese-Italian establishment. I am through and through not a carbonara fan but this, totally had me at hello.


Tagliorini Hokkaido Sea Urchin

More of the sea urchin in our dishes - comes complete with a sea urchin shell too!


This was less uncommon than the cold pasta, reminded me of a super atas dish of mee pok. Loved the savouriness and creaminess of this. Seemingly very simple to put together but complex in flavour. 


Risotto Foie Gras with Champagne Vinegar Bubble

Risotto does not fall under my list of favourite food for some reason, probably due to its mushy texture. Yet this one was done just right with the amount of starchiness and bite in the grains. Umami came in the form of a chunk of foie gras so thick, the oils that oozed out were artlery clogging but so gratifying! Champagne bubbles were definitely more than just a description, loved the faint aftertaste in this - one bite full and be sold on the artistry of the Chef.


Tagliatelle Wagyu Bolognese with Winter Truffle

Chef continued his magic streak by presenting yet another pasta dish one after another, which was both bold and tricky. Beautifully captured in lightness both in taste and flavours, they were barely as filling as the usual pasta dishes and most certainly chalked up points for brilliant use of truffles and bolognese.

Iberico Pork Steak with Balsamico

Regrettably, I forgot a snap of this uber tender pork steak. 


Kagoshima Wagyu Grilled Steak

I can never resist kagoshima beef, well marbled and packs a succulent bite.


Medium doneness always works for me and this tasted so good on its own, I did not even need any condiments.


I love Japanese sponge cakes best for its lighter texture and this was one that I could not stop eating. If only portions were bigger I say!


If there is one tiramisu I would never get tired of, this had to be it. For once, I actually relished the soggyness of the sponge fingers and light mascarphone cheese. The cream was so delicious, I figure that must be the winning trick for all tiramisus.


Petit fours that were more than just four items.


From chocolate dipped fruits.


To homemade nama chocolate bites.


These meringue kisses were the best ever eaten, they dissolve so easily and sandwich a delectable lemon curd.

The price point for Takada is certainly a notch up from Arossa, without ala carte for dinner even. I love the idea of entrusting the meal into the chef's hands and trusting that it would nothing short of fabulous - because that was exactly what happened. Two menus with similar concepts, varying just in ingredients. It was a marvellous showcase of technique and concept, I left with a memory so good - I will just be back soon enough.

Service is a hit and miss - which is a pity since they do have the makings of a fine restaurant. Would love to be back, infact I have booked a slot during the upcoming Restaurant Week under the AMEX sneak preview for more of their indulgences at pocket friendlier prices!

Ristorante Takada
#01-07, Alexis, 354 Alexandra Road

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