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Goat Xi Fa Cai with Peony Jade Cookies

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Special thanks to Joy and Peony Jade for the treat!

With Chinese New Year just round the corner, cashiers are ringing not just for CNY Reunion dinner bookings, nian gao and bak kwa orders but also the cookie orders. I have chosen to bake my way into the new year but at time of writing have already polished off half of these tins of cookies.


Power spicy cookies with chilli chicken floss ($28.80)

Savoury cookies have gotten more attention of late - while I may have once scoffed at them I now welcome them with open hearts, arms and of course, mouth. Savoury cookies do provide a good respite from the over indulgence of pineapple tarts, love letters, kueh lapis and kueh bangit - which may I gently remind are all sweet.

I endearingly term them little chilli padis for the spicy kicks that each packs. These may not turn on the tear ducts but in essence, crunchy shiok cookies.


There ain't no mountain tall enough to conquer, these spicy chicken floss cookies do not prove any trouble at all either.


Concealed date tarts  ($25.80)


Shell shaped cookies stuffed with dates make this a way overdue Hari Raya treat.


I am a date lover and would very much prefer to have the dates whole. Nonetheless, new flavours always appeal - afterall, it is the non staples that garner more attention during festive visitations. Eating five homes worth of pineapple tarts is an overkill
The Takashimaya Fair is on till 17 February 2015, pop by to check out Peony Jade's booth that has more offerings up for grabs. Amongst the tins is a specially created sheep mochi stuffed with egg custard!

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