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Famous Pinang Road Laksa @ Lebuh Keng Kwee, Penang

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So then after discovering this Assam Laksa place after indulging in the famous chendol, I made a point to return the very next day to secure a bowl of this in my limited stomach space.


Arrive any earlier than 1030am and face a nearly empty stall.


The action begins quite promptly.


Their wall of fame and it was a split support for both their assam laksa and chendol. The aunty looked at me quite incredulously when I only ordered assam laksa and gave their chendol a miss.


Almost world famous.


It did not take long for my bowl of assam laksa to arrive, piping hot and beautifully presented. The vibrant colours made this dish photogenic from every angle.


The mouthwatering spicyness of this dish was pleasant, mild without overempowering. Noodles were QQ with a bounce that made it so addictive. The broth was packed with enough flavour already, I cannot imagine how the last bowl of the day would be. The key to this, they let slip lies in that spoonful of prawn paste, seductively decadent. RM 4 and it left a memory so lasting I wish I can fly back every now and then just for this. T

Lipsmacking good, please do not skip this in Penang.

Famous Pinang Road Laksa
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