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The Cupping Room @ Sheung Wan, Hong Kong

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In all my visits to Hong Kong I have never quite experienced their cafe culture and over the last couple of years, several joints have emerged. One of them is Cupping Room, one that boasts a reasonable all day brunch menu and coffee creations.


With an award winning barrista at Cupping Room, that had to be the main draw of the visit.


The very humble dessert corner with just two options.


Long Black (HK 40)

Unimpressive the caffeine addict says, lacking in technique and really ordinary in his words.


Spirali and Chicken (HKD 98)
Pan fried chicken breast, garlic, parmesan cheese and spirali in cream sauce

A very decent pasta dish in a coffeehouse, the cream cheese was hardly cloying which made the dish a joy to eat. I would not have minded another plate of this.


I have had better locally though, it may have been a case of over hype or I have not got to the best available in Hong Kong. In comparison with our local cafe menus, there is less focus on sweet staples like waffles, pancakes or a decent range of cakes.

Cupping Room
Shop LG/F, 299 Queen's Road Central
Sheung Wan

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