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The Clan @ Bukit Pasoh Road

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The Clan came across as a modern fusion cuisine upmarket place and when we arrived, it seemed otherwise. Rough service greeted us at the door as the waiter whisked through two dining rooms and asked "How many?" No hello or welcome, just how many. Nevermind that I already made a reservation, I was shown to a table sandwiched between two others in a dining room packed with people.

I was assumed to be taking the set dinner and only passed the ala carte menu upon request.


We were served palette cleansers without any explanation, a strawberry granita with boob peaks. It was novel but passe in some way.


Prime Beef Short Ribs on Hoba Leaf w Peppercorn Sauce on Lava Stone ($41)

The presentation reminded me of Dozo's - at that time when I tried it I was actually impressed and this time, it tasted less like beef. It was like a hybrid of meats in a synthetic manner. Cooking on hot stones or even leaf is another passe moment.


BBQ Ibérico Pork Ribs Dressed w Sautéed Fresh Vegetables and Cinnamon Pumpkin Purée ($39)

Nothing more than ribs lathered in a BBQ rub and drizzled with a sauce. Portions were painfully small - think 4 bones of meat and there is zilch to rave about either.
Unimpressive food with mediocre service, I am unlikely to be back for their seemingly affordable sets. 


This light was probably the only thing I liked about The Clan. 

The Clan
18-20 Bukit Pasoh Road

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