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Suprette @ Kam Leng Hotel

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Suprette was once listed as the top places to have a burger and so I went. Located in Kam Leng Hotel, the compact eatery was buzzing with people - I like how the main table in the reception can also be used by diners too. Great for getogethers!



Decipher the code.


Suprette Burger ($20)
Bacon ($3)


With fried bacon sticking out like UFO, my burger emerged alot taller than expected.


Another greedy shot at this juicy number. I never quite took burger rankings very seriously because taste is afterall subjective and many a time I have disagreed with the results. This one burger turned the tables on me however, nailing all the wants in a burger - juicy, rich in flavours and terribly sinful.


Grilled Flank Steak ($24)

Daily special became a case of dry and very chewy thinly sliced steak.


Loved the nostalgic corners of the hotel, maybe a staycation beckons! One great place for burgers, I say it again.

Kam Leng Hotel

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