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SIN - HK - SIN: Cathay Pacific

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We nailed a decent deal on Cathay Pacific so hooray that I need not battle ungodly hours on budget without a drink even. I never quite like short haul flight meals somehow, predictable choices actually and I was amused how spot on I was with their choices for breakfast.


Fritata with hash and sausages

I am left even more unimpressed with the airline omelettes - any other fanciful name does not deny the face how bad it is; rubbery and bland to say the least. Even mushrooms did not save my day. Bacon was a decent slice of meat and I had the soggiest hashbrowns alive.


No two omelettes are the same, here's the companion's omelette with a handful of mushrooms.

On the way back, it was right smack at dinner time so we had a snack cap first before the meal proper.


Nuts to silence hunger pangs after all that massive feeding.


I wish someone told me it was vegetarian pasta. Tasted just like home somehow, I may do just better in my kitchen however.


A more palatable asian option with sweet and sour fish with rice.


To top it off, a nameless haagen dazs  cookies and cream icecream.

I have second thoughts about Cathay's food on short haul flights, not that great anymore or its an industry thing to lower the standards on food on these flights. To think my next flight to Hongkong is also with Cathay - bummer.

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