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SEAR @ Singapore Land Tower

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SEAR on the 45th floor of Singapore Land Tower was marketed as a dining place with a killer view which made it befitting for any celebratory meal. For us, it was a friend's birthday and also christmas that gave us enough reason for the extra splurge.


I love the clever usage of leather and wood in their choice of pieces.


Grab a drink and enjoy dinner. Otherwise, hop over to Empire Bar on the same floor for a boogie.


Onion loaf and butter were promptly served up but here's the catch. We were not aware that every 3-4 diners received a loaf and we were served it even without the minimum 3-4 diners. So by the time our 6th and 7th diner arrived, we had to make an order that was chargeable at $4++. In all its deliciosity, I actually find this bread charge ridiculous. Either provide it free or not at all and some advice at the start would be nice.


Our next run in with the management came when they declared we had to order the Christmas Set by the table or ala carte, there was no option of either which made it seem even more ludicrous. Any self deserving establishment would offer both options - you mean to say turning away a table of 7 is a wise business decision? Anyhow, we had that resolved and all is well but with two service glitches even before the meal ended was not my idea of festive.


It was odd how the table napkins were damp. Every one of them.


Rose gold cutlery made the heart skip a beat - gorgeous stuff!


Seasonal Oysters
Sun-dried cranberries and lemon thyme

I never knew that cranberries could replace tabasco sauce for yummy. The oysters were creamy and all of delicious.


Honey Baked Ham Plate
Apple and Red Cabbage Salad, Pistachio Vinaigrette

Festive yet ordinary. 


Sambal Marinated and Baked Quail (Supplement $15)
Pomegranate and Orange Sauce

The presentation of the quail had us all laughing - doesn't it look like the poor fella fell flat on his knees begging the chef for mercy? Jokes aside, it was a well seasoned poultry dish, I only fault it for its portion and it served mostly raw. 


The delicious fella recooked this time, to perfection. Juicy bites and it certainly tastes better than chicken!


Roasted Wagyu Sirloin
Fine Beans, Almonds, Bordelaise Sauce

This made the set dinner quite worth the while but there was severe misrepresentation from the waiters and waitresses. They mentioned it would be 250 grams in weight and showed us roughly the size of it and alas, it came in 3 thin slices. Each cannot be weighing in at 80 grams and more. Doneness was questionable too since those seared to a medium and medium rare doneness were the same.

Flavours hit the right notes and the wagyu sirloin was incredibly succulent. Otherwise, lots of tweaking needed.


Coconut Trifle
Swiss Meringue and Raspberry Jelly

I probably enjoy reading about it in magazines and books but not consuming it. Something about this reminds me of tiramisu - the layers and sogginess. I suppose this makes me and British cuisine not best of friends.


Pumpkin Peacan Pie
Chestnut Icecream

Between pumpkin and pecan, I cannot choose. So why not have both in the same dish. Loved the pumpkin brulee that was torched so gorgeously. The pecan crumbles were as delicious and by the time I reached chestnut icecream I was ready for christmas.


Chestnuts are my favourite seasonal flavour of all time - immensely fragrant and nutty.

Clearly with christmas as the main theme, we had to indulge and pig out. On top of the already filling set dinners we orderd, we had a round of ala carte choices too.


Lobster Cobb Salad ($32)

Lobster, bacon chips and blue cheese made this garden of green shine like a diamond. Hearty and wholesome salad that went over the top with luxurious ingredients.


Lemon Rosti

At the persuasion of the waitress, we gave this a go - lemon and potatoes go very well together I say! Crisp rosti with a zesty touch - double love.


Tasting of Trio ($95)
Canadian Western Countries, Cross Angus Tenderloin
Wakanui 21 Day Dry Aged Sirloin
Australian Jacks Creek Wagyu Ribeye

Portions are good for one but the cuts were not spectacular. The $6,000 price tag on the 2kg Kobe Ribe Eye with 300g of caviar made their beef cuts seem premium. None of them were marvellous enough to send me through the roof in happiness.


Birthday cake on the house for the birthday boy! A thoughtful gesture though I did make prior arrangements and they forgot but a nice touch anyhow.


If all fails, the view is priceless enough for a visit.

Festive menu was priced at $88/pax.

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