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Pierre Herme @ IFC, Hong Kong

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Pierre Herme needs no further introduction - Paris, Tokyo and possibly every other city except my own. This particular outlet in Hong Kong unlike the rest, had no queues nor crowds. Maybe the hype did die down but no fuss purchasing is always a good thing, at least I get some undivided attention on explanation of flavours without people hounding my back.


Boxes like these always tempt. 


Rows of delight.


Apart from their classic flavours there was a range of seasonal flavours which obviously had the sweet tooth in me shrieking in delight.


Sold only in boxes, I picked a Hong Kong limited edition box that showcased their landmarks and a selection of flavours.


On the basis that even the macarons from PH can face crumbly shells, I shyed away from the fruity flavours and veered more towards the non-fruity ones.


Pretty is the packaging. 


Rose, Litchi, Raspberry

A PH classic that I missed out trying on so many occasions, it is a no brainner why this is so famous. Rose and lychee, two very contrasting flavours that brought much merriment.

Pistachio and Strawberries

Loved the colours, it was heavier on strawberries though.

Huile D'Olive and Vanilie
Vanilla, Olive Oil and Slices of Green Olive

An ingenious flavour pairing, I love how PH marries the most unlikely of ingredients together so beautifully.

Creme Brulee
Vanille and Caramel Bits

A tad too sweet, this flavour was.

Infiniment Chocolat Porcelana
Pure Origin Venezuela Porcelana Dark Chocolate

Halloween Flavour

This seemed like a halloween leftover with a corn kernel embedded within.

Chocolate, Blackcurrent and Blackcurrent Berries

The fruits seemed to overwhelm the chocolate flavour.

I found the sugar shells a tad too crisp for all flavours to the extent they had to be handled with so much care - one cracked even before consumption. Of the three encounters, this was short of the real PH experience by miles.

Pierre Herme

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  1. hahaha...Corn? That's interesting! Sounds more like the leftover corn stuffing from Turkeys during thanksgiving!