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Lee Tai Fu @ Kim Tian Road

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Pot Bellies has rebranded and is known as Lee Tai Fu now. Fronting their new campaign is a cute boy mascot with a comedian's moustache and roundish spectacles, iconic of the 60s.


Their decor goes down memory lane with remnants that also includes my past.Yet, also weaving in modern celebratory gestures like these above!


Spot them bottle caps that were once the rage for decor.


Spot batman in his green cape, way before black was his official livery colour.


The same kitties that I queued up for yonks back!


The menu was pretty much the same as Pot Bellies, with most of the menu items retained and stickers covering up any mention of "Pot Bellies".


I have a penchant for such vintage plates, and best of all, they were all one of a kind!


So very 80's where the seven dwarfs were collectible items!


Uber cute.


Going back in time with these plastic drink dispensers.


Calamari Salad

This was served in an apple shaped plastic bowl, I mused about that being the healthiest part of the salad. Crispy calamari, greens and dressing. Nothing much to shout about.


Strawberry Kiwi Cider

Normally I go for apple cider or lychee beer. I had my eyes on their Taiwanese honeydew beer which they promptly silenced it with "no stock", I opted for a fruitier strawberry and kiwi cider which was first up pretty to look at. I would have preferred apple cider over this though.


Obsidian Stout for the whiskey drinker.

Head over to Lee Tai Fu for a blast from the past and get access to their wide range of gourmet beers and ciders too!

Lee Tai Fu
Kim Tian Road

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