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Fofo El Wily @ Hong Kong

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Fofo El Wily had been on my to visit list for the longest time and shame on me for not visiting until now that they have garnered a spot on the Michelin Recommended list. I suppose it will not be long before it gets on the starry list proper.


Even at 8pm, the place was actually full of diners. I snapped this at almost 10pm. Late diners I say of anywhere else in the world except my own country.


All ready for a Spanish meal that would wow, at least the reviews to date have said so. Either go ala carte or "A taste of spain" special tapas menu that is available from Monday to Thursdays at HKD 498 per head, minimum 2 to dine. If you work your sums, ala carte prices are likely to be costlier than the set.


Explosive smoked salmon air bag
Sour cream and spring onions

I thought little of this morsel - smoked salmon on an inflated bun and it proved to be a grave mistake. Home cured savoury chunk on an air bag filled with sour cream and spring onions, the marriage was too beautiful to ignore and truly, one of the best morsels I ever popped in my mouth.


King Crab Salad
Green apple and wasabi

For a lack of a better word, this is one generous showhand by the chef. Every bite was filled with crabmeat and wasabi sorbet was the icing on top of the cake. Refreshing and erased any trace of fishyness. In my opinion the most ingenious pairing ever.


Barcelona style tomato bread

I found this rather ordinary, crusty bread with tomato paste.


Iberico Ham Shoulder

The magic actually lay in the home cured ham shoulder slivers. Oh so good, kind of satisfaction as each slice melted into  a puddle of yum.


Scallop ceviche with avocado and lemongrass dressing

A Fofo signature though not mentioned on the menu, avocado and lemongrass on a single plate is my kind of delicious. Top it all off with slivers of scallops, I say I am in heaven.


Piquillo peppers stuffed with cod fish mousse, pumpkin sauce, shitake and crispy bread

This reminded me of yong tau foo, only better in an atas way and of course the taste of it. The peppers were used as casings for the delectable squishy cod fish mousse, I lapped it up guiltlessly and wished that every meal of yong tau foo was always this delicious.


Garlic and chilli style prawns

Undisputedly fresh prawns, the kind so fresh they actually taste sweet. I actually hate the artificial crunchiness that most restaurants set as the standard for "fresh prawns" and here's one that actually agrees with me.


Beef cheek with banana and passionfruit crispy roll

This is probably the first time that I have had braised beef that is not fall off the bone tendency that I actually adore! Mushy braised beef is rancid to me, more so if there is no bite. This captures the flavours so well and remains compact with a bite. LOVEs it.


Crispy Suckling Pig
Potato truffle cake

Trust the Spainards to get this so right - the skin was so crisp, it tasted almost like crackers with meat so tender.


Fofo's Signature Seafood Paella

The only paella that I have raved about is Pasarbella's and until Fofo's, all is history. A seafood studded meal that made the belly smile, every golden grain coated with the flavours of the sea, drizzled with the zesty lemon was the highest form of satisfaction my belly would ever have with regards to paella. Until I make it to Spain someday.

Mixed dessert festival was up next, though we were already begging for the meal to end I was actually interested to know what they had in store.


Corte Helado
Traditional Spanish Icecream Sandwich

Similar to what I have at home, only without the meringue wafers to sandwich the icecream but I am also loving this combination. A simple dessert infact, but then again when is icecream not good enough for dessert?


I do not have the name of the dish that consisted of a sweet toast topped with whipped cream and sitting afloat a river of berry soup. Not the bestest or most impressive, somehow just reminded me of rum baba that I am not a fan of.


Spanish crispy fried doughs

Churros are possibly the only spanish dessert I am aware of, I loved the rich chocolate sauce but the texture of churros had little to lust after. It was too soft, would have loved some density there.


And, I leave you with their famous penguin lights that would be adorned according to season. I hear with christmas coming up, they would have red shawls.

Truly an impressive meal that left me lusting for a visit to their flagship in Shanghai or maybe a trip to Spain even. A good foray into Spanish cuisine and I am so in love with it already.

Fofo El Wily
2-8 Wellington Road

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