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Chi Residences @ Yau Ma Tei, Hongkong

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Finding accomodation in Hong Kong may not be that easy though the country is well connected but being in the action usually means compromising on space - budget is usually a constraint. I just have not gotten to the stage where living it up includes top notch hotels.

Having caught the bug of serviced apartments for its affordability and space, we decided to check out Chi Residences at Yau Ma Tei. There are two properties and we opted for 279 Chi Residence for its later opening date.

A decent walk from the station during the day proved to be a mind boggling one at midnight, we even went to the wrong one a few streets away!

Other than that, it was conveniently located near Yau Ma Tei Station.


A very cosy yet well equipped kitchenette. Pity or not we did not have time nor energy to make any use of it except for maybe boil water.


The very compact toilet.


Living room that combined the sofa and dining table in one, very smart use of space methinks.


Our Queen sized bed, I enjoyed my two sleeps worth. It may have been the fatique but I had decent rest!


The view from atop, well at least this part of Hong Kong is not rowdy at night and not overcrowded.


I spotted Bridal Tea House nearby!


Amenities are so very important and ours were refilled daily.

I would say it had great value for the price we paid - the same for much smaller right smack in the touristy areas. Polite and helpful service.  As with most Hong Kong hotels, breakfast is not provided which is a double yay for me in this land I never have enough stomach space for.

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