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CHAR @ Guillemard Road

The craze over char siew has taken our city by storm with the acquisition of Kay Lee by Aztech Group for $4 Million and ever since, the queues have been even more maddening than before. I love my char siew dearly and actually until Meng Kee came about, it was usually either bright red or blackened. Meng Kee made me see char siew in a different light and lust for it every visit to KL.

CHAR has been the talk of town since its opening and thankfully when I went they managed to squeeze us in their fully booked dinner slots.


Hot and Sour Soup ($5)

This was so good, I wish I had a bowl to myself! Spicy enough to kick up a storm in the digestive system but I stand corrected on - a delicious comforting kind of storm. Just the right level of sour and spiciness in a bowl and yes, the sour vegetable chunks made a world of difference. Loved it to the last drop and more.


Triple Roast ($20.50)

This serves two nicely, and is a good platter to start CHAR off on since their ala carte orders do come with a minimum 300 gram order.


Roast Duck

Crispy skinned roast duck that was juicy as well.

Roast Crispy Pork Belly

Possibly the most ordinary of the trio, it was not bad neither was it top of the notch amazing. Well, just good you know?


Special Char Siew

This was the battle of both Oversea Restaurant and Meng Kee in a single plate. The melt in the mouth meat texture of Meng Kee without a clear differenatiation of fat and meat, it tasted so wonderful together. Paired with a greasy, sweet and sticky sauce that made a class of difference to this special char siew. Smile like an idiot, eat like a ravenous king, I was on top of the world having found an equivalent to the lost plates of Meng Kee Char Siew. Arguably our island's best.

If I may insist, dunk it into their home made chilli for a level of sedap I have never ventured upon. Just beware of the breathe that would smell for hours later.


Garlic Spinach ($10)


Egg Fried Rice ($5)

The portions were huge, even for the Man with the appetite. Delicious enough to feed 4 and thankfully not so salty to go with the rest of the tasty dishes.

An impressive meal we had at CHAR, and I say there is a reason why it's called CHAR for the stunning plates of CHAR Siew they churn out daily. 300 grams of just that in my next visit!

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