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Woo Bar @ W Hotel, Hongkong

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The original intent was to head to OZONE at Ritz Carlton to watch Hongkong from 118 storeys above yet the chilly temperatures, gusts of wind and the minimum spending of HKD 1000 per table put us off. 


The warm indoor bar area that was completely booked out.


The view worth forking out HKD 1000 for?

We headed to a more friendly bar at W Hotel. Spinning lounge hits, the bar was comfortably filled.


Watch the deejay spin! The lighting gave the place a dreamy feel without being too stingy with the lighting.

lychee drink

Lychee Bubbles (HKD 105)
Carbonated Grey Goose Vodka, Kwai Feh Lychee Liqueur, Lemon, Mint and Lychee Caviar, Up

From Soul Sense to Yuzu Blossom, it went from out of stock to the machine breaking down, I had no luck with their special concoctions. Played safe with a martini which ended up too lethal and unpleasant.


The gf’s choice of wine and bf’s choice of whiskey seemed to fare better.


Lovely nibbles for the night but the lack of a good view did cause the experience to dip marginally. If anything,


W Hotel is pretty amazing on hospitality – snacks line the walk way including the toilets for the hungry patrons! Thoughtful gestures.

w hongkong

Thoughtful gesture of thirst quenchers all over.


Seems like the hotel concept is replicated all over, right down to the same restaurants! I cannot wait to check out Woo Bar in Singapore to compare!

While I did not get to view Hongkong from 118 storeys and above, it was a lovely night spent just seeing it at eye level. Until the next gamble on Ozone!

Woo Bar
W Hotel

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