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Tim Ho Wan Revisited @ IFC Mall, Hongkong


The news of Tim Ho Wan opening in Singapore did not dampen the enthusiasm in the latest trip to Hongkong. I insisted on a visit despite our very packed food and travel schedules. They open at 945am but list their operating hour at 9am…to generate some hype before their opening perhaps?

char siew bao

Always a must order.


酥皮焗叉燒包 (HKD 18)

I always wish that seconds are ordered yet space is usually the constraint. Still so good – these pine apple crusts are sweet with a lovely contrast of savoury within the bun. Still a fan!


三星烧卖 (HKD 24)

Anything limited edition sells but these are deconstructed siew mais (without their familiar yellow skins) with a variety of toppings – dried oyster, pig tongue and black moss. Ordinary methinks.


汁蒸排骨 (HKD 14)

Each piece was meaty, delicious!

fried fritters

家鄉咸水角 (HKD 14)

One oily delight that I fancy, the chewy mochi skin dimsum especially.

lor mai gai

古法糯米雞 (HKD 26)

I have been wanting to try this since day one – portions are jawdropping kind of huge. It’s a bak zhang well done – stuffed so generously with ingredients and is the ultimate heavy weight.


油菜(HKD 18)

Blanched greens.

beancurd roll

A different take on the usual springroll and I prefer this better to springroll. The beancurd skin was light and crisp with the generous stuffing of vegetables. 

cheong fun

黃沙豬潤腸 (HKD 20)

A self declared no fan of liver, I winced at the thought of this. Lo and behold, the foie gras quality of pig liver I say, smooth and abso buttery, I wonder how they treat it. Deliciosity maxed out. 

Once again a memorable meal at Tim Ho Wan. Affordable and hearty, I wonder if the same can be replicated when they make their move to Singapore.

Tim Ho Wan Revisited
IFC Mall

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