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SIN-HK: Singapore Airlines

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I usually do not have the luxury of travelling with Singapore Airlines – budget being one and well, I am not too big a fan of their food either. Nonetheless, it was on the national carrier for the annual pilgrimage to the land of dimsum.


I always love having a peep of the menu before ordering, at least I have an idea what I will be eating!

meal on board

Full hearty breakfast.


Chicken Noodles

So oriental and would pass off as a half pass six attempt on eefu noodles.


I made the decision based on veal sausage which was hardly tasty, the omelette was a cook’s nightmare (rubbery and somewhat foamy) and thankfully edible cherry tomatoes with roasted potatoes. If breakfast was the way to start the day, mine was half ruined.


Thank goodness for the moist muffin, I filled up considerably thereafter.


Always ask for soyabean milk which saves me the trouble of sour apple juice or too sweet orange juice.

I hardly had much time to watch a full movie, stealing only snippets of the variety programmes. Service was like every other airline there is around - not great.  Less superficial smiles would be better, methinks.

Singapore Airlines

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