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Lime @ Park Royal on Pickering

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park royal on pickering

Hotel Park Royal on Pickering is a majestic beauty. I started noticing it even before it was constructed and the architecture was simply amazing. I remember sitting in the car just starring at its arches and curves for a long while.


Lime, is the gourmet arm that features an extensive buffet spread that stretches from one end of the restaurant to the other. Infact, the dessert table greets you at the entrance. We had trouble securing a table for a couple of weeks, citing full house on all of the occasions. Yet on the weekday night that was available, it was not more than a quarter filled.


I never quite got the hang of indulging both in food and wine at a buffet, somehow the stomach space is too limited to have my cake and eat it and still have my wine and drink it.


The grand view that greets at the entrance - the perfect reason to say "aye" to buffet with a sweet spread this wide!


Closeups of these sugary treats that are thoughtfully replaced so one does not have to worry about either running out of supply - something I completely abhor at buffets! I rush to try dessert because most of which does not get replenished and is entirely "fastest fingers first".


Pasta corner that is bound to elicit smiles.


It could be the presentation or layout of food that makes it all so inviting.


Well, it is a first that the buffet spread gets arranged in inverted order but I am definitely not complaining. At least I am reminded to save space for dessert!


The spread was placed quite a spacious distance from each other, preventing overcrowding which is a major plus point. Fact is, this brilliant play of space caused me to think the spread was really wide which proved otherwise. To be able to attempt all dishes at the buffet spread is indeed doable.

I shall not go into the whole rundown of the buffet so here are a few highlights of the buffet.

Live Stations are joy for me, it's as good as having a chef cook on demand and the food served should taste its best.




Aglio Olio, Beef Bolognese or Mushroom Cream were the three variations that pasta could be cooked. Beef Bolognese was more outstanding than carbonara with a dash of chilli and grated cheese.

fish soup

Traditional Fried Fish Soup Noodle

This is a welcomed find at a buffet and I made an instant beeline for this. The precooked and preheated broth was a letdown though the fried fish was a meaty chunk.


Japanese Sushi

I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the sushi served, not the usual haphazardly rolled kind that makes it to the buffet table anyway because hardly anyone pays attention to the way it looks. Loved the crabmeat tamago combination best.

roast beef

Roast Beef on the Wagon

I was given a really juicy and thick cut. The roasted potatoes were really good though, crispy on the edges and soft on the insides. The range of mustard was pretty extensive. Worth a try!

cold cuts

Cheese and Cold Cuts Selection

I particularly enjoyed blue cheese of the range and air dried beef was actually a really oily cold cut.


The salads were tangy and appetizing, though I was relying more on the sweet and sour ones to whet the appetite. 


Oriental selections of kung pao mussels and sticky sauce chicken that ended up as mediocre efforts.

glutinous rice

Glutinous Rice 

Old school favourite which brought back primary school memories. Chewy glutinous rice grains on a bed of chicken and mushroom. While Khong Guan has spoilt the tastebuds with the perfect recipe for instant lor mai gai, this is not too far off. 

pecan pie

Pie selection

I only had enough space for Key Lime Pie and Pecan Pie though Cherry Clafoutis was really calling out too. The crunchy pie base is one which made this memorable, the filling itself was also a lovely accompaniment.


A beautiful delicious mess. 

I'm lost for words which is a better flavour though, the tangy lime curd with sweet melted marshmellow was pretty much of heaven on earth yet the earthy pecans were mildly sweet.

Lime Marshmellows

These light and fluffy greenies are melt in your mouth! Having the liberty to cut as much as I decide cannot be a greater joy.


I felt compelled to give the carrot cake a go and it ended up too carroty for comfort. 


Soyabean Milk with Grass Jelly

I never quite thought this combination could work and it did, provides a lovely texture to the milk.

Above average the food is and their service is warm. I credit the team for being proactive on many grounds - taking the initiative to find out I need any assistance or even to slice cheese for me. Despite the beautiful surroundings, the quality of buffet seemed to fall short of expectations.

$58++ (Dinner)

Park Royal on Pickering

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