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Ho Hung Kee @ Hysan Place, Hongkong

Hongkong is obsessed with wanton noodles, the way Singaporeans are with chicken rice. No wonder they do not get Fei Fei nor Eng Seng wanton mee we have here. This did not stop the hongkonger from checking out this outlet.

michelin recc

Ho Hung Kee's outlet at Hysan Place, the second to open next to their famed flagship at Causeway Bay. With surroundings so posh, I am sure the prices speak for themselves.


The decor got a tad over with the mind boggling gold prints.

ho hung kee

The photo of their first outlet's signage which we spied subsequently!


Logo on chopsticks!

 beef brisket

Chu Hau Beef Brisket

I like their version though it was served lukewarm. The meats packed enough flavour and bite for a bowl of rice to be the perfect accompaniment.

rice rolls

The least favourite of the rice rolls I have attempted in Hong kong, the texture was thick and somewhat hard.


Rice Rolls with Shrimp (HKD 52)

Bicarbonate was used too generously, the prawns were too crunchy for comfort.

wanton mee

House Specialty Wonton Noodles in Soup (HKD 34)

The reason for the visit, the broth despite being clear was actually quite tasty but the noodles were a letdown especially when Wing Wah cemented its status as best hongkong wanton mee for me. Wantons had crunchy prawns which I deem artificial.

hor fun

Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Beef (HKD 80)

Somehow, their beef kuay teow was such a huge temptation despite the oily outlook. I probably canned every diet there is with this order but it was just so good! Wok hei, flavour and best of all, I would think this is more michelin recommended than wanton mee!


The bomb that made it all worthwhile, fiery chilli paste!


This was on the soft side from over blanching.


Egg Yolk Buns (HKD 28)

Irresistible molten custard paus.


I could not resist a pinch and a poke and there you go, a peek of its boiling innards.


Yes it flowed quite uncontrollably with a layer of oil as well. Unimpressive infact, the bun was short of fluffy.

Even with this trip, I am not entirely convinced that Michelin recommended could mean volumes.  It could be outlet specific even so taste at your own discretion.

Ho Hung Kee
Hysan Place, 12th Floor

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