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HK-SIN: Singapore Airlines

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The flight back home was kind of horrific – service was terribly slow. What was a 7ish pm flight saw dinner served to us near 10. With as many as five stewards and stewardesses serving the economy class, they were scrambling.


Nuts to delay hunger.

singapore sling

I suppose the crew knew that the ride ahead would be rough, we were prepped with prepacked nuts for a start and I requested for Singapore Sling which ended up way too lethal. Not a fan of this one, Raffles Hotel’s Long Bar rendition anyday!

Chicken Noodles

Looks like eefu noodles and tasted somewhat soggier but the flavour was pretty spot on.



With an oriental seasoning, I do not see how this was any more western than the noodle dish.

 Vanilla ice

Even with vanilla haagan dazs icecream, I was hardly impressed. 

I love their repertoire of entertainment titles but that is it. The experience this time round seemed less than ideal still. Cathay over Singapore Airlines, still.

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