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Eats at Horizon Plaza @ Ap Lei Chau

Calling all foodie-shopaholics, this entry is for you!


There aren’t many eateries or cafes at Horizon Plaza – hence rendering the remaining a monopoly of some sort; either eat or go hungry. The beauty of it then is finding the right floor with one if you did not remember which floors had them. Oh yes, the lifts are terribly sluggish so prepare to take a vertical challenge or wait for one. 28 floors in total of shopping haven only if you have the patience and time. Horizon Plaza is a free shuttle bus away from Ap Lei Chau where Space Warehouse is.


22/F Horizon Plaza, Unit 17-19


Environmentally friendly packaging.

I remember reading somewhere about their desserts but with my limited willingness to track it down, Sift just remained a distant “to go place” until Horizon Plaza. I was giddy with delight starring at the rows of cupcakes. Woe is stomach space (so very limited!) that I still insisted on stuffing a red velvet down the oesophagus (pardon the lack of refinery) despite a really full lunch and tea and that makes this nibble in between tea and dinner.

red velvet 

Red Velvet (HKD 28)
Light chocolate cake dyed red, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla cream cheese frosting

It’s one seriously good red velvet eaten – rich yet not cloying, light yet not too airy fairy…I chomped it up so fast, I only wish there were another to reach out to. Yes, I will risk pimples for this chocolate cake under disguise. Decently portioned unlike Twelve Cupcakes that makes me whine about it punyness.


Monde Café
Lvl 10


A small yet cosy cafe.

hot dog

Hot Dog

Every brush with a hot dog gets me comparing with IKEA’s famed ones. Stuffed in a fluffy bun, this juicy dog was missing out on mustard for the complete experience.



Homemade and it was good enough for a snack.


Americano (HKD 18)

Two cups of this arrived due to miscommunication and they refused to refund – so we ended up with a pricey bottle of mineral water instead. Bad coffee, the coffee addict choked.

The café was just good enough for a grab and go or a quick bite as opposed to a laze-the-whole-day away.

Whiskers and Paws
Lvl 10

pup adoption

We were lucky enough to chance upon a dog adoption drive at the pet shop – puppies galore!

pound puppies

Furballs running all over.


The lil buddy trampling newspapers.

doe eyed

With the most pitiful eyes that seem to say - bring me home!


Albeit mixed breed, these pups are so adorable! Wish I could cart one home though.This one was all nervy and frozen when we picked her up.

Overall an enjoyable visit though I barely picked up anything except for G.O.D. items which were also found in the main stores and at the same price too! Plus point, there is a regular shuttle that heads back to a lively civilisation of Ap Lei Chau.

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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