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Clipper Lounge @ Mandarin Oriental, Hongkong

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The only way I can sit and people watch is to book myself high tea somewhere – and I did, at least 2 weeks before departure at the ever popular  Clipper Lounge at the hotel that Leslie Cheung leapt off yonks back. High Tea starts at 3pm daily and we were there slightly before 3 only to be told that drinks could be served first but not the food.


Stairways to high tea heaven, nearly.


The view of a concrete jungle just outside. Sometimes being a city person makes me crave for a bit more of nature sometimes, to the extent I would pay premium just for greenery.


Empty sofas that did not remain that way for long.


I harbour a secret wish to try all Mandarin Oriental high teas around the globe - okay, that's too lofty a dream.

high tea

For two.

3 tier

Simple luxuries.

high tea dwellers

The difference between a high tea set for one and two is the absence of a number of stellar ones. While I would think that a logical understanding would be to have doubles of everything but that was not the case.

We were not advised the order to eat but we completed it layer by layer.

The sandwiches were actually amazing inspite of their rather drab appearance.

Foie gras terrine, Quince, Brioche

I was lost in that slab of foie gras terrine – oh so velvety smooth and rich. The brioche however was too light for this heavy weight.


Coronation Chicken, Mango, Curry

Nothing too special about this chicken sandwich with a mild hint of cumin.


Egg, Cucumber Salad, Chive

The fine cucumber slice surprisingly gave this rather ordinary egg mayo a refreshing crunch, the wonders of vegetables sometimes.

Smoked Salmon, Sour Cream, Chive

Floored and in love with this. Yes, I love my smoked salmon dearly.

York Ham, Mustard

Another ordinary one.

Warm Selection


High expectations set for this cheese ball that turned out nothing much of a cream cheese ball – nary a stench nor cloying creaminess that I would have desired.

Corn fed Chicken, Vol Au Vent

I can’t tell the difference between corn fed chicken and not, this was well a chicken pastry.

Bacon, Onion Quiche

Quiches elude me because the pastry hardly impresses the way I want – whilst most clamour for a buttery flaky kind of crust, I prefer mine with a crunch. Yet, the buttery fragrance was heavenly.


Ham, Cheese, Truffle, Brioche

Truffle made this shine. Even with brioche, the flavours were spot on and well, this quickly became a second favourite.



Mandarin Cheesecake

I thought little of this cheesecake square. Moist yet not overly rich, this smooth one was so easy to fall in love with.

Double Milk Chocolate Mousse Cake

The intricate layers hid the artistry of the chef well – decadent chocolate cake with a lot more in that tiny slice.

Coffee Éclair

Enough caffeine to knock a coffee lover out – ok, I was kidding. This éclair morsel was delightful actually.

Caramelised Banana Cake

The layer of banana and mousse melded into what I call ultimate bliss – just like the fruit would taste like! Double loves.


Their famous raisin and original scones.


Double dips for these buttery scones.


Clotted cream, rose petal jam

I’m thankful I did not have to share my scones, these buttery pastries deserve as much mention as they can. Arguably the best eaten, fluffy and moist and for that split second, I wish the world would come to a standstill for me and my scone. Rose petal jam is close the bestest jam I ever smeared on anything – floral with hints of lychee, sublime! The liquid texture was easier to handle than the usual jammy gooey types.


Tea, made for leisurely afternoons like these.

more tea

Comes with a tasty treat.


A peek into my fruity concoction, fruity chunks behold!

Luxurious tea at Mandarin Oriental, hype is completely understood. Somewhat the place to see and be seen and a full house attendance is well, worthy.

HKD 448 for two

Clipper Lounge
Mandarin Oriental

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