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Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine @ ISquare, Hongkong

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First time eating hotpot in Hongkong and it is a mystery why it’s so popular. This particular outlet faces the harbour and we were in time for a decent performance of lights at the Avenue of Stars though somewhat blocked by The Peninsula.

We had the set more than enough to feed 8 of us and perhaps more. Freeflow sugar cane juice and a bottle of red thrown in too! I love such deals and surprisingly, wine does go quite well with hotpot.


The infallible toy, or so the name suggests. All ready for a hot dinner!


Pre-dinner homework - mixing my own hotpot dipping sauce. 


Amazingly fresh sashimi boat of salmon, tuna, yellowtail, sea urchin and ark shell.


DROOL. Perfect ingredients for hotpot. 


The cuts of meat were really premium too! The beef marbling is enough to make me drool by mere looking at it. The selection of steamboat ingredients were really fresh and delicious! Loved the D-I-Y sauce which I added practically everything in sight, wasabi included.


Included in the set was dessert – osmanthus and fruit jelly. I have a love hate relationship with osmanthus, there are times that they wow and others that they don’t. This worked out to be about SGD 80 per pax based on the set menu, pricey yet worth every cent.

Budaoweng Hotpot Cuisine
23/F, iSquare, 63 Nathon Road, Tsim Sha Tsui

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