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8 1/2 Otto E Mezzo Bombana @ Alexandra House, Hongkong

3 stars for Italian in Hongkong has to be a first for us. The hongkongers all say this needs a 2 month waiting list – including the pseudo one working there but all it took me was a phonecall and 3 weeks notice, I secured a table over lunch. We arrived a tad earlier and had to wait in the lounge.


Overlooking part of Central’s high end district (what can I say with Cartier lurking in the backdrop?), this is hardly scenic but to dine in leisure amongst the working crowd dashing in between meetings is priceless as it is.


Cosy corners like that are only meant for groupies of three and above.


The rest of the restaurant in its comfort.


Still, in a bid to enjoy the lush surroundings and possibly accompany the food.


Breads served were hardly impressive somewhat, there was a platter of rolls and not as mind blowing as Joel’s.

sundried tomato

Sundried tomato bread that I had so many servings of, quite shamelessly. The greatest pity is then the bite sized portions served!


Loved the dispenser to bits - great for keeping the fingers safe from extra seasoning.


Lobster and Octopus
Winter Vegetables and Acquerello Rice Salad

It should have been a no brainer picking this for both of us but wanting variety always means someone has to compromise. Compromise not, if you can for this is incredibly fresh and has amazing textures. Lobster in its tenderness, note not mush nor elastic is as much of a yardstick to good lobster as beef done medium.


Confit of "Taiyouren" Organic Egg
Roman cauliflower emulsion

Before harsh reality sank that I had to destroy the wonderfully shaped egg. 

poached egg

The yin and yang created with a moat of poached egg was just too beautiful to resist. Artichokes are a first for me - pretty much tastes like brocolli, more green somewhat. This is kopitiam egg gone atas, in brutal honesty and it is a tricky affair trying to love runny eggs at whatever degrees the chef deems fit which usually ends up lukewarm. On the fence with the love for this. 


Lamb Medallion
Braised Salsify with Mushroom and Natural Jus

These looked just like filet mignon chunks but was actually lamb. Noob me hardly picks lamb and the only known usually comes in a rack. Nonetheless, these were mindblowingly tender and jawdropping delicious. It was the defining moment through the meal that made me go - worthy of 3 stars indeed. The execution was done with much precision without the mash stealing thunder, I burped with huge satisfaction.


Homemade Lasagnette
Little square pasta with Wild Boar Ragout, Braised Savoy Cabbage

Flavours were rich and had more depth than just pasta at a glance. Loved the tasty minced beef balls that made it less clumsy eating. 

petit fours

Petit fours. None impressed, really.


Chocolate Trio
Warm Chocolate Machiato

Befitting for every chocoholic. 

chocolate trio

While there was no eureka moment like Joel Robuchon's amazing chocolate dessert, this was all of rich and generous. 


Bronte Pistachio Icecream
Vanilla Roasted Cherries

A dome of pistachio and cherries.


A not so fabulous shot of the interior but it was complex, not just a scoop of icecreams and cherries surrounding it. Hidding a meringue, this was a sweet deal to end the meal.

I loved the experience though not completely blown away. The place is worth a visit for decent food and hopefully surprises along the way. One off the list and the mind still wanders back to Joel Robuchon.

HKD 380

Otto Bombana
Alexandra House, Central

A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.

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