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The Fabulous Baker Boy @ The Foothills

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This is one of those confectionery cum cafe that has gone viral online, literally taking the country by storm with regular updates on blogs, twitter and instagram. Yet, the amazing thing is - nobody ever talks about how to get there. Well of course, then the conclusion is everyone walks there from Liang Court which is a fair indication of how reasonably near it is. 


So here's one for the drivers: There is a carpark near this cafe and it is so easy to miss because the signage on the gate from the main road actually states "no parking" but people still find their way in anyway. Yes, it is directly opposite Liang Court so drop the accelerator when you are opposite for that in-road leading up to this highly revered place. 

fabulous baker boy

The tiny cake shop gives easy access for viewing what they have up for the day and the famous fabulousbakerboy in full view working in the kitchen - he was busy creaming his layered cakes for the next day's supply methinks. Word has it that he is a stage actor, which explained his absence in the next visit.   


There were at least six types of cakes available at each time, all sitting pretty under the glass covers but the helpers were moving them in and out of the chillers every now and then since they were technically not "chilled". With the rate that they can wiped out, I suppose it is hard to have a cake sitting out to suntan for long anyway. 


 A slice of cream heaven anyone? 


Self service advice. 

red velvet 

Ab Fab Red Velvet Cake ($8.50)

Their signature and possibly the best selling judging from the response. Rich cocoa cake laced with fresh cream and completed with chocolate ganache, it was a tad too sweet. Definitely made to share and somehow, these in cupcakes would be just ideal. 

carrot cake

 Big Lub's Carrot Cake ($8.50)

 The coating of grated coconut is a mis-marriage for me. The whole exotic flavour does not go quite well with something traditional as carrot cake for me though the marriage of lychee and rose is quite another story altogether. Cake was too dense as well. This was once again, yet another too sweet offering and I struggled to finish it.

long black

Iced Long Black ($5) 

This place is hardly a coffee place, just a decent accompaniment with cake.


Contessa Grey Artisan Tea ($5)

Tea, is just tea to me...unless extraordinarily fragrant.

live for love

The fabulousbakerboy mantra that I agree with. Love and cake, amen.  

Raring to return maybe just to check out the other sugaries and brunch yet there is a nagging feeling that hype could get over the top of the hill soon.  Service was not as blotchy as pointed out by some - well, forgive them over the weekends in that kind of heat and ventilation is not exactly top notch. 

The Fabulous Baker Boy
The Foothills
70 River Valley Road, #01-15

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