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Paris Baguette @ Wisma Atria

paris baguett

Korean style brunch is all that came to mind when we decided on Paris Baguette. Queues is hardly an indication anymore but we made it to a table without much fuss and service is below average.

1) I had to find my own empty table.
2) Get the menu.
3) Ask someone to clean the crumbs.
4) Repeatedly request for drinks
5) Get bumped into by the floor manager without an apology

Service glitches all over.




The neverending wait.

monkey bread

Monkey Bread ($6.50)

Drawn by the name and size, it is really a bread boulder comprising of smaller bites of bread, brushed with caramel and topped with walnuts. I was floored by the walnuts, perhaps too charred – there was a barbequed pork taste going on that was not too palatable. Bread was hardly impressive either.


Bacon Croissant ($17)

Their brunch listing is decent which includes French toast, burgers and croissants. I thought this was the best of both worlds – having a go at their popular croissants and brunch items – sautéed cream mushrooms, salad and bacon. The croissant is sweet – tilting on sugary sweet and it interfered in the overall taste of the dish. While I loved the cream mushrooms (possibly the best I have had in ages), this ended up filling us so much, I almost regret even eating this. Too much oil, imbalance of flavours…I say brunch may not be their forte afterall.

I suppose only their desserts are the only reason why I would bother with a return.

Paris Baguette
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