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Maison Ikkoku Revisited @ Kandahar Street

Dessert places that have not been discovered by the entire universe of hungry people are far and few though I would not consider Maison Ikkoku that unknown nor hidden. Known more as a coffee-brunch-drinks kind of place as opposed to dessert, we trooped down one rainy Friday night and managed to find a parking lot and even get a table. This, is totally a planets aligning lucky night.


Corners like these always grab the attention.



taro cheese

Taro Cheesecake ($7)

Orh nee in a cake, loved the smooth yam paste which made this more yam than cheesecake. The graham cracker base went well too, one not to miss by orh nee fans!

chocolate cake

Valrhona Chocolate Cake ($7)

To-die-for. Thick fudge with a bouncy moist chocolate cake. Bouncy would be an exaggeration but the sponge was porous in that sense. Delectable cake that may get a tad jelard towards the end but death by chocolate, in a heartbeat! I truly will not mind a death parole for this.
red velvet

Red Velvet Cake ($7)

I had to try this and being on a red velvet craze does not ebb the craving one bit. The folks at Maison Ikkoku have plans to replace their source so I suppose this eaten in end January may not be the same one by the next visit. Made with beetroot juice instead of the usual chocolate vanilla, hence making it less rich but still delicious. If anything, at least red colouring was not used and the moist beetroot cake was a perfectly accompanied by a rich cream cheese frosting. 


I am really no coffee person, at least particularly bad in remembering names.


Ice Drip Coffee

Purportedly deadlier than the other in terms of caffeine level, the companion suffered later into the night. Caffeine is a slow release so drink at your own risk!

Unassuming and awesome desserts they have, I cannot wait to be back just to try the rest of the sweet treats! Oh, and the drinks too. I hear their alcoholic fixes are lethal.

Maison Ikkoku
Kandhahar Street

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