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Imperial Restaurant Hong Ren Tang @ Vivocity

imperial restaurant

Imperial Restaurant at Vivocity is hardly inviting – for the numerous times that we walked past at least. The Mom insists that we have patronized this before when I was aware of food in their pre-cooked form.


One of the reunion dinners was arranged there and they changed the layout a fair bit to accommodate the extra tables. Unlike the other restaurants that stick rigidly to their pre-set seatings for the night, they do not practise such – hooray for longwinded families like mine who need not watch the clock.


smoked duck

Smoked Duck

Yusheng was exchanged for this which tasted more like ham than smoked duck.

shark;s fin

Braised Superior Shark’s Fin Soup with Fresh Crabmeat and American Ginseng

Ginseng is hardly discernible in this delicacy – pretty awesome stuff!


Braised Superior Sea Cucumber with Chinese Yam

A CNY dish, I found love in Chinese yam more than the sea cucumber.

blueberry prawns

Prawn Balls with Mixed Fruits and Blueberry Sauce

Found this different from the usual salted egg yolk or pumpkin prawns but blueberry sauce was more like jam and indeed quite odd.

barley chicken

Braised Chicken with Fine Multi Grains and Ginseng

One whole chicken stewed and stuffed with barley and brown rice. The broth was hearty and definitely herbal and chicken was tender but I cannot help but think of it as a soup dish more than mains.


Fried Vegetables with Mixed Nuts

Ordinary looking vegetable dish that surprised us – flavour and wonderful blend of nuts and peas.

eefu noodles

Triple Delight Fried Eefu Noodles

On the sweet side and saucy too.

nian gao

Sesame Rice Cake with Osmanthus Flower

A pretty dessert to behold with the red osmanthus flowers tossed in the granulated sugar grains. The sesame rice cake was unsweetened though.

A decently priced and tasty meal, especially so for reunion dinner where all other establishments are there to outprice each other.

Imperial Restaurant Hong Ren Tang

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  1. don't publish this but you got the restaurant name wrong haha, it's not imperial treasure :P

  2. last day of operations at vivo is 15 Sep 2013...