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Halia @ Raffles Hotel


Halia at Raffles Hotel is a breath of fresh air – bringing with it some leisurely air from Botanic Gardens which I reviewed quite a long while back.  The place is done up the green way – with trees and plants watered with an in-built irrigation system (or it looks that way!).


Halia in the mirror. This is one of those spots for private parties, a corner away from the rest of the diners.


Every table has a different posie, roses on the first visit and daisies on the next.


Lush greenery all in one place. Sit under a tree and risk getting sticky sap dripping or random leaves falling - perfect for those who would relish a picnic at the park but with aircon.


Latte for the caffeine fix.


Cappucino anyone?

chicken salad

Chicken Breast Salad ($14)
Radish, chilli, hazelnut, gingerflower dressing


Garden Salad ($8)
Balsamic Vinaigrette

Not the bestest eaten but it was decent.


Salmon Confit ($16)
Cauliflower puree, vanilla, roast floret, tomato, olive oil

A deconstructed salmon confit dish that got the companion stunned with the portions.

scrambled eggs

Someone's very runny scrambled eggs that I thought was too wet.


Big Breakfast

As hearty as it sounds, it was as hearty the way it looked. The choice of omelette was perhaps not the best choice to make with it ending up dry.

steak sandwich

Grilled Wagyu Rump Steak Sandwich ($28)
Toasted sourdough, red onion chutney, gherkin, fries, truffle aioli, salad

Beef burger which subsequently was removed from the menu.  Why oh why!


Pancakes ($12)

I am always prepared for a bad pancake when I order any to prep myself for disappointment when it comes so I was met with a major surprise when a stack of three came beautifully plated with strawberries, berries and custard and a side of strawberry puree. Already screams, perfect recipe for breakfast in bed. Just my kind of fluffy – not in a hotcakes way, but a little bite. This is great for sharing too!

strawberry puree 

Strawberry puree, delicious!

The second visit was scheduled soon after for these pancakes but luck has it that the grill would be down for the day - BOO.


Under a tree that drips sap is no joke, purely ornamental.


It seems that the menu is still under tweaking since some of the items previously attempted were missing now.


Halia Infusion ($10)

This wake me up beverage is served either chilled or hot. I prefer mine hot, especially so for ginger beverages. The hilarious companions gave me the eye when I ordered this potential fart-inducing drink. Served with ginger slices and wild mountain honey from Vietnam, this drink was really the sort I would have after a relaxing massage.


Fries with Truffle Aioli ($8)

Crispy fries with watered down dips.


Grilled Breakfast ($23)

Seconds of this for the hungry folks, a really hearty spread indeed!


Celeriac Lasagne ($12)

Note that portions are terribly small for mains but decent enough for an appetizer. Three bites and it is over. Celeriac is a type of turnip and the finely sliced sheets were actually crunchy when we all mistook it for pasta. The truffle mushrooms were creamy delights, loved every bite of it. They should consider having this as an ala carte side.


Chilli Crab Spaghettini ($25)

Chilli crab gone italian and a well executed one I say! Adored the spicy chilli crab mix with generous portions of shredded chilli crab.

toffee pudding

Sticky Toffee Pudding ($10)

Reviews have said this is the best sticky toffee pudding around - word that! Unlike most kueh-like, fatt kueh-like moist puddings, this has a slight density that makes it superdupperyummy. Vanilla bean icecream with icicles, I am no fan off but serve me their warm pudding with toffee sauce drizzled all over anyday!

They have value for money pre dinner sets too! Would love to be back for more of their delicious offerings.

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