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Year of the Snake @ PARKROYAL on Beach Road

Special thanks Karen for the invite and her team for their hospitality!


Tis the season to loosen the skirt bands and shirt buttons – yet revel in the beauty of well fitted cheongsams. Woe for us ladies who love to indulge and still look stunning, yet that being said – here’s a feature where to celebrate this Year of the Snake! Relieve poor grandma or mom of their kitchenry duties by indulging in a buffet at ParkRoyal on Beach Road’s Plaza Brasserie.


I always like a walk round the spread to decide what to eat first.


CNY festive love all around. 


Ooh, chopped to serve upon order. 


Dessert counters never fail to tempt.


There are two types available: Fruity and Original and both are served freeflow during the buffet.


Fruity Yusheng


Ready to toss!


Chef Jackson’s new creation of the Fruity Yu Sheng consisting of fresh tropical fruits like Mandarin Oranges, Peaches, Rose Apples, Rock Melon, Dried Persimmons, Green Mango and Papaya. This is a sweet one to toss, more so after the generous drizzling of honey – for festivities sake, a toss will not kill!

poon choy

At Chef’s live station, guests can look forward the Mini Peng Chai featuring special ingredients such as Fish Maw, Prawns, Sea Cucumber, Sliced Abalone, Roast Duck,Chicken, Pork Cabbage and Black Moss.


Poon Choy

poon choy

These are all the rage in Hongkong and increasingly so in Singapore. Poon Choy is a pot of the season's best and braised. Generally put in layers and the more expensive ingredients are placed at the top. I remember a year where the Mom attempted it and towards the end of the feast, we were eating almost the same thing every meal since the best gets eaten first.

Nonetheless, this was a hearty dish, do save some space for the rest!

Eight Treasure Boneless Duck

Tender duck meat with a flurry of ingredients that makes every CNY feast so rich – mushrooms, oysters, scallops and gingko nuts even.  Well it’s not called Eight Treasures for nothing, rice to go with this!

eight treasure rice

Eight Treasure Sticky Rice

Deemed a must try, I thought this lacked flavour despite the generous scattering of preserved sausage and pork belly.


Crispy Roasted BBQ Pork, Roast Duck and Soy Chicken

For the barbequed meat fans! I thought this a tad gamey.


Butter Prawns

Personal favourite – fingerlicking yummy!

Braised Sea Cucumber with Roasted Pork

Braised till soft, this catonese favourite was decent.


Fish Maw Soup with Shredded Abalone

Could have passed off as a regular hotel’s version of Shark’s Fin soup without the Shark’s Fin.

khong bak pau

We were treated to Khong Bak Pau as well!

Just in case you are wondering if it is an all CNY feast, fret not, they have retained most of their usual favourites! Calling all local foodies!

Chili Crab

They retained their popular dish for the buffet, a spicy surprise for those who want something different from the usual CNY fare.


Prata Corner

I think their pratas are really good – even from the first visit! I still opted for cheese prata and a dash of fish curry – calories galore yet worth every single one of it.


Briyani however was a tad greasy though in general, they do really decent Indian food.


Tuck into a hearty bowl of laksa at their live station, a spicier belachan would have been better!

char kuay teow

Char Kuay Teow

As Penang as it can be, loved the oily greasy freshly fried fragrance and chewy rolls of kuay teow! The dash of chilli was equally delish too.


Japanese Corner

Sushi and sashimi makes this a popular corner. Decent fare methinks.


I usually start a buffet well and proper with a generous selection of their fresh seafood and appetizers. I particularly liked the fried ngoh hiangs. 


Relish in the freshly steamed Red Garoupa Fish in Superior Stock available for dinner.


Their dessert corner is still an exciting one with plenty of choices! If house visitation did not bore you yet, they have a selection of pineapple tartlets, love letters, lotus and red date candies and almond cookies. The two home specials include Bak Kwa Durian Nian Gao and Traditional Egg Tartlets.

durian nian gao

Bak Kwa gave this sweet treat a savoury touch while it was not all that bad, coming from a non durian fan.


Their durian pengat is worth terrible burps, the durian fan acclaims. Rich, thick and oh-so-smelly.


Mango cake that also looked so festive.


Irresistible weight loss busters - diets all thrown out of the window.


In addition, a Chinese New Year banquet dinner can also be celebrated at the ballroom on 9 February 2013. Guests can look forward to a lion dance performance, a Tea Appreciation performance by the Si Chuan Dou Hua tea master and the God of Fortune who will be making a guest appearance to celebrate the Lunar New Year with the guests.

Prices apply as follows

Pre and Post CNY (28 Jan – 24 Feb)
Lunch: $45 (A), $27(C)
Dinner $58 (A), $35 (C)

Chinese New Year Eve (9 Feb)
Lunch: $45 (A), $27(C)
Dinner $78 (A), $47 (C)

Chinese New Year First and Second Day (10, 11 Feb)
Dinner $65 (A), $39 (C)

Banquet Reunion Dinner (9 Feb)
Dinner $65 (A), $39 (C)

Reunion Steam Boat Buffet at Banquet (9 Feb) – Min 8 pax per table
Dinner $58 (A), $35 (C)

Banquets start from $528++ per table of 10, minimum 3 tables. Children below age 4 dine for free.

Promotion is on from 28 January to 24 February 2013.

Park Royal on Beach Road

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