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G Patisserie @ Milennia Walk

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We swung by G Patisserie one weekend afternoon because of a review by Posh Nosh Eats once again and there the writer was, enjoying her late afternoon tea by the counter. Prudish as it may sound, I would have wanted a seat next to her to poke a nose into what she ordered and perhaps find out the next place she would review and I can get there ahead of the crowds.


The range of goodies.


Seasalt Caramel Macaron ($3)

The pastry chef, Gwen, had a stint with Pierre Herme so expectations were high. Sugar crisp shell and tons of sugar. Lacking in depth a rich seasalt caramel filling would. I wave it off as yet another trying a Pierre Herme but failed somewhat.

saint honore

Saint Honore ($8)

I was tempted by design at first glance – something about the crystallized sugar and mini choux puffs on top a biscuit base. Too pretty to eat and definitely prettier to look at.


Iced Coffee ($5) which was hardly liquid caffeine.


Well maybe not.


Cute kitchen ware!

Croissants could have been the defining moment but their limp façade did not tempt beyond an “oh” to acknowledge its existence. Sorry, not with you on yet another Posh Eats recommended.

G Patisserie
Milennia Walk

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  1. the locale of this patisserie is so out of reach for me though it's central, anyways, great to see your pics and reviews here...gotta try the saint honore and sea salt caramel macaron then :) cheers