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ANA Airlines: SAP - TYO- SIN

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Domestic flight from Sapporo to Tokyo got us a drink. Period.

The connecting flight back home was a tad better though - crunchy Japanese crackers to kickstart the flight!

Once again two choices were offered and greedy me would always try both!


Two types of salad.


Seafood Paella that was kind of ordinary with a generous selection of seafood. Did not fancy the mushy rice here.


Japanese set that wins hands and pants, forks and spoons down! Comes with a piping hot bowl of miso soup that trumps any of those instant mixes that I have attempted too.


Eyes on the cold soba.


Nailed it perfectly, taste wise and truly, amazing stuff!


A terribly sad cake dessert though, I could not bear to eat it.

green tea 

At least hot green tea and miso soup were spot on.

Food is acceptable though not particularly memorable.

Service is horrendous in capitals if I may conclude, snobbish to say the least. Considering this is a national carrier, I should have opted for JAL instead. ANA Airlines, maybe never again!


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