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Kraze Burgers @ Marina Bay Sands

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Kraze Burgers from South Korea make their way into Singapore – definitely not hot news anymore but this is possibly the cheapest alternative next to Coffee Beanstro that gets us free parking for the night! As much as cheapo is the label, it’s about paying 7 buckeroos per hour that makes it hard to stomach. 

kraze burgers



The rest of the Korean diner that was mostly packed when we entered the restaurant.



Ceasar Salad ($15)

Salad had an Asian touch with the sticky brown sauce – chicken slices had a certain chicken taste about it. I blame it on frozen chicken.

chilli fries

Chilli Cheese Fries ($8)

Chilli Beef Fries was possibly the best of the meal – though I think Carl’s Junior does a meaner job. The chilli spicy kick was missing but at least it tasted like chilli cheese fries!


The Matiz ($13)
100% Beef patty, cheese, home made pickle, lettuce, sun ripened tomato, onion, bacon, B,B.Q sauce, kraze bun.

Horrendous macaroni ever, the combination of canned fruit, mayo and macaroni just went down as worst salad eaten to date.

mega byte

Megabite ($16)
100% beef patty, cheese, onion, homemade pickle, lettuce, kraze steak sauce, mayonnaise, kraze bun


Crab Burger ($14)

Wheat bun or not, the burgers all came with the same bun though was purportedly a choice of bun or wheat bun. There is a reason why the Americans do their burgers well – apart from the fact they live, eat and dream them. Unimpressive beef patty, likewise the crab patty was merely crab sticks with cream sauce and breaded. We tragically struggled to finish the meal and was thankful dessert is not part of their menu.

Overall a letdown. Service is hardly good with the crowds and I do not understand why. There are way better options anytime.

Kraze Burgers
Marina Bay Sands

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