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This kickstarts a series of posts on the last holiday of 2012, a trip made to Sapporo! Radio active or not, we did not bother to test upon returning yet it left us with frozen memories quite literally! Sapporo in December is the start of their frost bitten winter, the coldest we experienced was -11 degrees and I was almost freezing my ears and eyebrows off! 

Without further ado, read on about the holiday we were planning for quite awhile!


croque monsieur delifrance

The bite we had past midnight from Delifrance, for fear of a late breakfast. Anything warm and toasty seems to work! A delicious Croque Monsieur ($6.30) to warm the tums!

National carriers are usually the only direct connections to the destination but for the case of Sapporo, a stopover is necessary even for the national carrier. A first on ANA and their carriers are smaller than the A380 or Boeing 737 that I have been on, that results in naturally more turbulent and rocky rides. Seats more uncomfy and rigid, I now know why the A380 is such a huge deal. Despite having two flights before reaching my destination, they only provided 1 main meal – breakfast or dinner.


We were issued snack bags of Lays chips, toblerone mini and mineral water before lights were turned off for the morning. This is how sleeping times get screwed on flights because we eat at ungodly hours. For once, I thought these chips were tasty enough for seconds.

hi tech

Their interactive menus made this interesting – well, there was only a choice of Western or Japanese without much description.

touch screen

Just a description.


The stewardess strode up with a laminated menu complete with the calories for the meal – how very Japanese it is. 

environmentally friendly

Hooray, no more meals in foil.

Pastries, salad


Limp buttery pastries good enough to feed the hunger. 

ham salad

Cheese actually tastes too salty on board but I could not care less here. 


Congee, condiments


Watery porridge with a myriad of ingredients that I would think suits Korean cuisine more than Japanese.



strawberry yogurt

Gooey yogurt, I suspect there was too much starch added. Yikes!

The transit flight from Tokyo to Sapporo was slightly over an hour and hence it was just a short session of beverages.

apple juice

Always agreeable with fruit juice.


Like a budget carrier, food is available at a surcharge.

A great way to fly? The service was terrible though, more about that on the return leg!


Finally reached Sapporo! The winter holiday starteths.


A foodie born to eat, shop and travel. Forced to work.


  1. Wow Fiji mineral water! Awesome! Heh the congee actually looks very tasty!

  2. heh, tastes like cantonese porridge actually. :P