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Twelve Cupcakes Re-understood

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Twelve cupcakes did not throw me off guard as THE cupcake bakery. Well, sometimes second chances do prove themselves better. Three outlets and more than half a year later, let's see how they have improved. 

The thing about twelve cupcakes is, like the celebrity couple who started this – easy on the eye but the fondness for them grows despite the swirling bad press about their arrogance. I started out thinking that twelve cupcakes was just riding on a fad and being just another cupcake shop with some celebrity sparkle.


Perfect for birthday celebrations without having to go through the fuss of massacring cakes but getting one dainty cup each! 

red velvet

Red Velvet ($3) 

Light cream cheese frosting on top an otherwise incredibly moist red velvet cake. The portion for this is appropriate without coming across as an overload.

peanut butter

Peanut Butter and Jelly ($3)

Peanut butter cupcake with an equally nutty swirl and dollop of jam. As much as the education of PBJ was concerned, the telly did their job well and it could be that I always expected so much out of peanutbutter and jelly that got me disappointed each time I married the two with a sandwich. Yet twelve cupcakes made it delightful. Moist cupcake meets delicious jam drop. I can only wish for it to be richer but otherwise, this is good enough for me to attempt peanutbutter and jam with bread.


Mocha ($3)
Chocolate cream cheese, coffee cupcake

The combination was pleasant, light hints of coffee and chocolate. For the in betweens about chocolate as a sin. 

salted caramel

Seasalt Caramel ($3.50)

The caramel drizzle on the buttercream was the only giveaway of its caramel seasalt flavouring. Cupcake was a tad oily and rather pedestrian.


Lychee ($3.50)

The plump lychee was a pleasant find in the moist cupcake, otherwise none too surprising a flavour. 

For now, I am sold on the hype. 

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  1. I thought their cupcakes are quite good actually. (: They now have 8 outlets islandwide!

  2. haha yeah they are actually quite good!