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Shirokane Toritama @ Robertson Quay

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I am always on the look out for great yakitori places, totally sold if they are located near Robertson Quay especially when Satsuma totally won me over. The awesome bit about the restaurant is the grill is confined behind glass panels hence diners do not smell like what they eat – brilliant!


Simple cutlery.


Hardly damp chilled towels.


Liver ($3.30)
Gizzard ($3.30)

I am no fan of innards and gizzard usually appears in Cantonese soups for me and this was odd trying to reconcile the expected tastes and actual. 


Skin ($3.30)

Did not touch but they seemed to enjoy this very much!


Cartilage ($3.30)

Things were kept simple with salt as a seasoning on this crunchy cartilage. So crunchy, it actually did not feel like I was eating cartilage.


Thigh ($3.30)

Special Thigh ($4.90)

Meat was taut with a firmer bite. I prefer this over the normal thigh meat.


Chicken Ball ($4.90)

Surprising that the chef chose to blend in cartilage into the chicken meat for the added crunch. Delicious enough for seconds but on its own, cartilage still gives me the chills.

mid wing

Middle Wing ($4.90)

Rather ordinary for me.

Pork Belly ($4.90)

Favouritest! I suppose pork by itself has more flavour to begin with and with the seasoning was quite a bomb in the mouth.

ox tongue

Gyutan ($12)
Ox Tongue

This was a tad chewy but flavours so well captured. Chargrilled fragrance was hard to ignore, much less the spot on flavours. 

chicken wasabi

Breast Meat ($4.90)

Tender and well marinated.


Japanese Leek ($4.90)

Usually not a fan of this charred sweet leek, still not a fan. 


Deep Fried Tofu ($4.90)

Ordinarily bland. 


Stick salad ($6)

While some provide this complimentary, this is chargeable. Quite a rip off for 9 sticks of vegetables and a dip.


Mizuna Salad ($10)

Laced with a sour dressing, this was all of tangy and appetizing. I was not too impressed over the price tag though.



Smokey perfumed juicy funghii.

spicy pork belly

Spicy Pork Belly ($13)

This was a cold dish and I could have expected quite a lot more from chilled sliced pork belly with shaved cucumber and topped with spicy minced meat sauce. Lacking some wow factor.


Miso-marinated Mozzarella Cheese and Dried Tomato ($12.50)

This was more french than japanese actually. Bland mozzarella cheese with a tasty sundried tomato accompaniment.

chicken soup

Chicken Soup

On the house but nothing fancy. Smelt like soyabean milk without much of a distinct taste.

Sticks of yakitori get served individually – the lady comes with your order in her bowl and proceeds to dish it out to you. Hence plates are not replaced. As interesting as it is, I am still more comfortable with getting plates replaced and removed after eating. There is no doubt that Shirokane Toritama knows how to grill yakitori as well as the intricate seasoning that would bring out the flavours. The best yakitori? I am hesitant to label but truly one of the more established places that are proud of what they are serving customers. They serve up practically any part of the chicken that you desire – right up to the cockscomb!

Shirokane Toritama
Unity Walk, Robertson Quay

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