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Salad Sauces

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Raffles place spoilt me rotten with the availability of salad bars. Until the office was relocated miles off into a city of its own that I realised how inaccessible a freshly made salad was, neither did the working population there appreciate fresh greens. I was delighted when I realised that Cedele stocks ready made salads for takeaway. The only other alternative is a fruit vegetable salad option at Yigloo at Vivocity. The salads came without dressings so pick away at Honey mustard, mayo and strawberry balsamic to go with the chosen greens.

honey mustard

Chermoula Chicken Green Salad Meal ($8.50) 

chicken salad

Housemade grilled Moroccan spiced chicken rolls spiced with kalamata and green sicillian olives, walnuts, sesame on mesculine leaves The chicken rolls were the main draw for the choice of salad given the salad base is the same across all. Grilled pumpkin and tomatoes were usual salad accompaniments, yet what intrigued me were the sicillian olives. I am not too huge a fan of olives because they tend to be too salty, these were actually quite delicious and their pips not removed yet – yum! The chicken rolls had tofu blended in though so that gave the proteins an artificial taste and look. They did not taste completely like chicken however. The honey mustard was laced with balsamic and provided a tangy bite. Overall a decent salad and quelled the craving for salad!


The second attempt at Cedele's. 

Then I started toying with the idea of making my own salads...quite a hassle to be honest but ever since then, I have not looked back and there's a salad revolution in the office - weekly salad parties!

Here's a peek at a couple of my haphazard creations. Favourite and commonly used ingredients: butterhead lettuce, apples, purple lettuce, celery, carrot, peppers, cherry tomatoes and avocado.




Well the whole point of this entry is to share with you the sauces that I have tried. Seriously, there is quite a huge variety in the market place and quite a few surprise discoveries!

jack's daniel

I did not get to try this but Jack Daniel's diversifying into sauces. I wonder if there is any liquor in this. Purely for laughs.

Now coming to those that I tried:


Salad parties make me happy.


Masterfood's Honey Mustard

Nothing beats stirring up my own honey mustard, at least I can balance the tartness of mustard better than these sweeter alternatives. They do better on hotdogs than salads.

low calorie

HellMann's Honey Mustard

A tad sweet but the creaminess could match that of the ceasar salad dressing.


Herman Foods, Mango Ginger Sauce

Sweet. sweet. sweet.


Taylor's, Avocado and Garlic Dressing

A tinge of sour but this cream sauce was rather appetizing.


Fletcher's Sweet Mustard Pickle

Appetite enhancer with this relish, actually this is more of relish than a dressing. Too sour infact and only for the pickle fans.


Organic Ville, Sundried Tomato and Garlic

A tasty one with a smokey fragrance! Particularly loved the savoury balance here.

blue cheese

Wish Bone Chunky Blue Cheese

Under Unilever, this is way too goopy and rancid for the cheese lover even. Every mouthful felt rotten.

Daiso, Sesame Dressing

Decent honestly, just a tad salty.


Daiso, Green Perilla Dressing

Miso-based, this was rather high in sodium and tasted more like soyasauce.


Sesame Sauce

The tastiest infact. Always goes well with salads. I realise that with Japanese sauces in particular. I had a go at Mentaiko sauce as well. Tasty much! A pity these cost way more than the regular brands.

It is amazing that sauces could cost so little and taste not too bad. The quest continues for more varieties!

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  1. there's a sumo salad at vivocity basement!