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Lolla @ Ann Siang Hill

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Lolla's Secret Supper was one activity that Timeout Singapore highlighted and the interest was piqued yet every single time, timing was hardly on my side..either the seats were snapped up too fast because I hemmed and hawwed over the price tag of 280 buckeroos or prior commitments overrided the treat.We found seats underground, almost like a basement without the smells of the bar counter.


Inked prettily.


Spotted a cosy corner!




Lights dotting the ceiling.


Mural on the wall.


Eggs Chorizo Iberico ($16)

This is two dishes in one mainly chorizo and duck fat potatoes which is also found on the menu. I have to admit I was floored by the amazing flavour that duck fat brought out of the potatoes. Pedestrian sunny side up fried egg but this was still tasty.


Gem Salad ($14)
Anchovies, Garlic

On the bed of greens with a dash of zesty dressing, the anchovies had a rubbery texture. None too spectacular, honestly.


Ribeye Steak ($52)

The original plan was to check out their sold out lamb chops, as such we ended up with an 8 ounce ribeye steak done medium. At a 52 buckeroo pricetag, the least I could have expected is for it to taste better than the regular steak from a mid-priced grill. Screams normal.

Sea Urchin Pudding ($19)

squid ink pudding

Squid ink custard with a beautiful sliver of sea urchin. Perhaps the sea urchin was not fresh, it was hardly as wobbly and velvety as desired. Still, I say the seafood flavour captured in the squid ink was rather sublime.

Overpriced place this is. Overhyped a little and do not expect to hold proper conversations if yelling is not comfortable. The shopspace is small which makes it cosy if only I can get 10 friends down to dine communally. I suppose this gets the secret supper wish checked, I paid a fraction of what they usually command to experience what could be served. Curiosity not piqued any further, unfortunately.

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  1. Ate here the other day also, was not impressed at all, with the exception of the uni pudding for me. Would rather go back to Esquina.

  2. @dirtystall: totally agree with you, have yet to visit Esquina but I'm sure it'll be better.