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Dessert.Cup @ Raffles City

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Tempted yonks back, this dessert shop always tempts with the tantalizing display of sweet treats.

dessert cups

One is enough, two is perfect.

pb banana

Peanut Butter Banana ($4.50)

Moist banana cake with a light peanut butter frosting. I love how the cake is not feather light but packed a density as a yummilicious banana cake would.

rocky road

Rocky Road ($4.50)

Almost like cake mix with the chocolate cake, moist and well, really like cake mix unfortunately. The chocolate drizzle, crunchy crumble and marshmellows did make this quite a good rocky road.

In such stiff competition for cupcakes, Dessert.Cup hardly rises to the competition. Perhaps that is why they have other diversifications like artisanal cup desserts and the likes.

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